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Black Beans and Vice: A Supper Club Mystery

Black Beans and Vice by Ellery Adams is the sixth A Supper Club Mystery.  The members of the Supper Club are having trouble with sugar (eating too much of it) and Lindy Perez suggests they try hypnotherapy at the new Wellness Village.  They each meet with hypnotherapist, Harmony York and soon discover that it does work (if they follow her instructions).  James and Jane are surprised when their son, Eliot states he no longer wishes to eat meat after going to Fay Sunray’s show in Nashville with his grandparents (it seems she included a personal message at the end).  They support his decision and embrace the new meatless lifestyle for themselves.  The threesome attends the Fresh Food Festival at the Wellness Village and are enjoying the day despite the protestors at the entrance.  Then James discovers Councilman Ned Woodman dead in the handicapped stall of the restroom.  James and the members of the Supper Club are ready to sink their teeth into a new case (better than sugary snacks).  Before they can narrow down the suspect list, another individual is found murdered.  Can they root out the killer before he strikes again? 

Black Beans and Vice is an entertaining cozy mystery with delightful characters.  It is always pleasant to visit Quincy’s Gap and catch up with James Henry, Lindy, Bennett, Lucy, and Gillian along with Jackson Henry, Jane, Eliot, and Scott and Francis Fitzgerald.  I like the relationship between James and Jane.  I enjoy the scenes between James and his son, Eliot.  It is sweet watching them get acquainted.  The characters are well-developed, friendly, each with unique personalities and relatable.   I especially like Scott and Francis Fitzgerald (such clever guys). The new character, Fern Dickenson is a good addition to the series.  She is the perfect counterpart for another character in the book (I do not want to spoil it for you).  Black Beans and Vice is a well-written and plotted story.  There is quite a bit going on in this book.  Someone is leaving threatening notes and dead birds for Jane and James, Eliot wanting to become a vegetarian, animal rights protestors, needing to hire a new employee for the library to replace retiring Mrs. Waxman, Sullie is transferring to Quincy’s Gap (Lucy is thrilled), Murphy Alistair has returned to town with surprising news and so much more.  The mystery was appealing, and the method of murder was unique (which you know I love).  However, I was able to identify the killer long before the reveal.  While Black Beans and Vice is the sixth book in the series, it can be read alone.  The ending will leave readers with a smile on their face.  There are vegetarian recipes along with a couple of dessert recipes included at the end of the book.  The Avid Reader rating for Black Beans and Vice is 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  I look forward to returning to Quincy’s Gap in future books in A Supper Club Mystery series.  The other book in A Supper Club Mystery series are Carbs & Cadavers, Fit to Die, Chili Con Corpses, Stiffs & Swine, and The Battered Body.

The next installment in A Supper Club Mystery series is Pasta Mortem.  I appreciate you visiting today.  If you find my reviews helpful, please consider following my blog (upper right). Tomorrow I will featuring Murder Made to Order by Lena Gregory.  Second book in An All-Day Breakfast Cafe Mystery series.  May you have a congenial day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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