Friday, June 29, 2018

Buried in Books: A Bibliophile Mystery

Salutations!  Dyeing Up Loose Ends by Maggie Sefton comes out on July 3 along with The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel FordhamShelved Under Murder by Victoria Gilbert will be released on July 10.

Buried in Books by Kate Carlisle is the twelfth A Bibliophile Mystery.  Brooklyn Wainwright is marrying Derek Stone in just a few days.  With the wedding plans completed, Brooklyn is off to attend the annual National Librarians Association conference.  She is surprised when she runs into Heather Babcock.  Brooklyn, Heather and Sara Martin were roommates and best friends in graduate school until Roderick came along.  Brooklyn has not heard from Heather or Sara in twelve years.  The next day after Brooklyn’s Book Lovers Tour of San Francisco, Brooklyn is surprised with a bridal shower.  She is shocked when she discovers her mother invited Heather and Sara (oh dear).  Heather gives Brooklyn a first edition of The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang.  Not to be one upped, Sara unexpectedly presents Brooklyn with a beautiful (and valuable) first edition of The Three Musketeers.  Later Sara turns up dead which causes Brooklyn to take a closer look at her gift from Sara.  When she discovers it is a forgery, Brooklyn wonders if Sara knew about it or was she innocent victim.  With her wedding quickly approaching, Brooklyn finds herself once again embroiled in a mystery.  Can Brooklyn wrap up the case before she dons her wedding gown or will she end up being fitted for a coffin?

Buried in Books is a well-written and engaging book.  The authors conversational writing style combined with the steady pacing makes Buried in Books easy to read.  I started reading Buried in Books and did not put it down until I finished.  There are many delightful humorous moments in Buried in Books.  Brooklyn and Derek’s mothers are quite a pair. They are two peas in a pod and their families had better be prepared for more of their antics in the future.  I love reading about the beautiful books Brooklyn encounters (the authors descriptions allowed me to visualize the wondrous tomes.  It is also interesting to learn more about bookbinding (which makes A Bibliophile Mystery series unique) and creating one-of-a-kind handmade books. There are beautiful descriptions of San Francisco and various book lover attractions.  I enjoyed how the victim was killed.  It is unique and fits with the book.  The murder does not occur until page 110.  The author took the time to set the stage (give us background) for the crime.  I was disappointed that the mystery was uncomplicated and easily solved.  Brooklyn is a great character.  She is intelligent, spunky and has a nose for murder.  Brooklyn has grown over the course of the series, and I think that Derek is the perfect partner for her.  He supports Brooklyn in her investigations and assists her while keeping her safe.  There are many wonderful cozy moments in the book.  We get to see the Wainwright and Stone families mingle, the wedding, lots of food, Brooklyn spending time with her friends, the sights of San Francisco, descriptions of old books, the convention, the rehearsal dinner, and special moments between Derek and Brooklyn.  There are recipes for a couple of the dishes served at Derek and Brooklyn’s wedding at the end of the book.  My rating for Buried in Books is 4 out of 5 stars.  Fans of A Bibliophile Mystery series (and cozy mysteries) will be thoroughly delighted with Buried in Books

Thank you for visiting.  I will be reviewing Till Death Do Us Tart by Ellie Alexander tomorrow.  It is the eighth novel in A Bakeshop Mystery series.  May you have a pleasing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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