Monday, June 18, 2018

The Warlock's Enchanted Kiss: Witch Island Brides

Good Day!  No Grater Danger by Victoria Hamilton comes out on June 19.  It is the seventh A Vintage Kitchen MysteryAirships, Crypts and Chocolate Chips by Erin Johnson releases on June 23.  It is the sixth novel in Spells & Caramels series (paranormal mystery series).  

The Warlock’s Enchanted Kiss by Deanna Chase is the second novel in Witch Island Brides series.  Carrie Carmichael is the wedding coordinator on Witch Island.  For the last five years she has attracted to her best friend, Austin McKee.  They have gotten close to kissing a few times, but each time Austin pulls away.  After a particularly hot few moments with Carrie, Austin heads to Witchin’ Impossible for a drink.  Things turn sour when old girlfriend, Brinn Hughes spots him and her obsession begins anew.  What Austin has not told Carrie is courtesy of a powerful love spell, his kisses turn women into love obsessed stalkers.  Carrie gets Austin away from Brinn.  Little did they know that the incident at Witchin’ Impossible would be the high point.

The Warlock’s Enchanted Kiss contains good writing and has a quick pace which make it easy to read.  There are fun characters in the story.  Austin is a handsome man who will get your engines revving.  Carrie is a lovely girl and only has eyes for Austin.  Mystia, Penny McKee, Brinn, Darwin Cooper, and Quinton add to the madcap humor.  Then there is the witty and bawdy dialogue.  Deanna Chase has a way with words.  There are some steamy moments between Carrie and Austin (I’m surprised the scenes did not set my e-reader on fire).  Readers will be delighted with this romantic comedy.  Be prepared for many laugh out loud moments as you take a wild romp through the pages of The Warlock’s Enchanted Kiss.  Each book in the series can be read alone.

The Vampire's Last Dance is the first novel in Witch Island Brides series.  I will see you tomorrow when I return to discuss another book.  May you have a peaceful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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