Monday, June 4, 2018

Confessions of a Red Herring: A Red Herring Mystery

Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch is the first book in A Red Herring Mystery series.  Alex Vlodnachek is a former reporter now working at the D.C. public relations firm of Coleman and Walters.  After an incident with managing partner, Everett P. Coleman on Friday, Alex decided to call in sick on Monday.  She is surprised when two detectives come knocking on her door to question her about Everett’s murder and Alex is their prime suspect in his death.   When Alex goes into work, she is promptly fired.  As if her week could not get worse, her younger brother, Nick shows up looking for a place to stay with Gabrielle, his new lady friend from Vegas, as well as a puppy named Lucy.  Then Baba, her Russian grandmother, arrives which means inedible cooking (they will have to sneak in snacks).  To escape the chaos in her tiny home and clear her name, Alex puts her investigative reporting talents to work.  Coleman and Walters is working overtime to throw Alex under the bus in the court of public opinion.  Who inside the agency wanted Everett dead?  The wife, the business partner, and the mistress are all viable suspects.  Someone, though, is attempting to thwart Alex with unscrupulous tactics (stealing her mail, turning off her electricity).   Can Alex expose the killer before her death is the next media sensation?

Confessions of a Red Herring is full of off-beat characters.  Alex is spunky go-getter.  She is not going to let the PR firm set her up for murder.  Nick, the younger brother, goes from one job to another.  He does not know what he wishes to do with his life.  His last venture (an emu farm) was sabotaged by his pot smoking partner.  Gabriele is Vegas waitress that Nick picked up on his way to Alex’s house.  She is a pickpocket with a questionable online business.  We have Lucy the puppy who is destructive with Alex’s belongings.  Baba, the Russian grandmother, who cooks grey, slimy food (the descriptions will put you off your next meal).  I wish the author had taken the time to establish her main character and provide a thorough backstory. The book consisted of one madcap incident after another.   The murder occurred in the first chapter and solving it was a snap.  There was a great deal of speculation and repetition of details (not needed).  My favorite scene in the book was the showdown at the unemployment office.  I found it entertaining.  The description of a banks fee system was spot on.  My rating for Confessions of a Red Herring 3 out of 5 stars.  I do want to mention that there is foul language in the book along with the mention of intimate scenes, drugs and copious amounts of alcohol.  Those readers who prefer their cozy mysteries to be light and humorous, then Confessions of a Red Herring is for you. Seeing Red will be the next book in A Red Herring Mystery series.

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