Friday, June 1, 2018

The Hawaiian Discovery: The Hawaiian Series

Happy June 1.  A couple of new books out today include Mulberry Lane Babies by Rosie Clarke, The Foyles Bookshop Girls by Elaine Roberts, and Confound It by Maggie Toussaint.

The Hawaiian Discovery by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter is the sequel to The Hawaiian Quilt.  Ellen Lambright is back home in Middlebury, Indiana working at Mandy and Ken Williams bed and breakfast.  One day Mandy and Ken receive a call that his father his ill and they quickly fly to Hawaii.  When Ken’s father passes away, they are needed to stay on in Hawaii to assist his mother with the farm and they must sell their bed and breakfast. While looking for a new job, Ellen works at her father’s shoe store with Ezra Bontrager.  Ezra wishes to go out with Ellen, but he is fearful of rejection.  A few months later, Ken is in a horrible accident, and Ellen quickly flies to Hawaii to be with Mandy.  Ellen assists the Williams employee, Rob Smith with their organic chicken farm.  As Ellen spends more time with Rob, she can feel herself falling in love with him.  However, Ellen has been baptized into the Amish church and would not hurt her family by leaving.  Is there a possibility of a future between Rob and Ellen?  Rejoin Ellen and Mandy in The Hawaiian Discovery.

I thought The Hawaiian Discovery was well-written and had a steady pace.  I do recommend reading The Hawaiian Quilt before you begin The Hawaiian Discovery.  The characters are nicely developed with the realistic foibles.  We get beautiful descriptions of Middlebury and Hawaii.  The plants and sights in Hawaii sounded amazing along with the pleasing weather.  I cannot imagine working or running a chicken farm.  The smells described had me wrinkling my nose in distaste, and I could imagine the noise caused by so many birds (my neighbors have some chickens and they are a noisy flock).  It was nice to revisit Mandy, Ellen and the other ladies.  The Christian elements are masterfully woven into the story.  Forgiveness from others and of oneself being the biggest theme in The Hawaiian Discovery.  Guilt from an event can weigh a person down and change the course of their life.  Forgiveness is a healing balm.  In The Hawaiian Discovery, we see the importance of family, friendship, loyalty, faith, prayer and patience.  The Hawaiian Discovery is a special story that will linger with you and the ending will leave you with a smile on your face. The Hawaiian Discovery will be released on June 5 (the release date changed from June 1).

You can get a free extended preview of The Hawaiian Discovery on Amazon.  I hope I have helped you find a new book or two today.  I will be featuring Confound It by Maggie Toussaint.  It is the fifth A Dreamwalker Mystery.  May you have a day free of conflict (one can always hope).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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