Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Christmas Remedy: An Amish Christmas Romance by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall

Good Day!  Some of the new books out today include His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray, Six Cats a Slayin' by Miranda James and The Christmas Remedy by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall.  
The Christmas Remedy by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall is An Amish Christmas Romance.  Holly Noelle Zook has an unusual profession for an Amish woman.  She is a pharmacy technician at Greene’s Pharmacy in Raysburg, Pennsylvania and studying for admission to nursing school.  Holly wants to bring better health care to the people in her community.  She wants to make sure they have access to medication and doctors.  Holly is determined that what happened to her father ten years ago will not happen to anyone else.  Holly is aware that to achieve her goals she must sacrifice having a husband and children since Amish woman quit working once they get married.  Holly returns to Greene’s one morning after her deliveries to find Joshua Smucker standing outside.  She enjoyed socials and other youth events with him for six months until he began to get serious.  Holly is attracted to him, but she will not give up her goals.  Inside the pharmacy, they find Lyle Greene on the ground after suffering a stroke.  Lyle’s son, Brandon, who is close to becoming a licensed pharmacist, moves home to help care for his father until he is back on his feet again.  Lyle and Brandon do not have the best relationship, and Brandon does not plan on working at Greene’s after graduation.  He wants to work at a large chain pharmacy where he can earn more money.  Then the pharmacy board inspector pays a visit bringing a serious matter to their attention.  Holly and Joshua with help from Brandon and Graham have six weeks to resolve the problem.  If they do not succeed, the community could lose Greene’s Pharmacy forever.  
The Christmas Remedy is a unique Amish story.  Holly Zook is a spunky, intelligent and determined woman with one goal in mind.  She is a progressive thinker for a baptized Amish woman.  Holly is willing to give up a future with Joshua to achieve it.  But is there another way?  Brandon is estranged from his father, and he plans on working at a large chain pharmacy to earn a bigger paycheck.  Time at Greene’s Pharmacy and in Raysburg gives Brandon a different perspective.  I found The Christmas Remedy to be well-written with with a lovely small town.  The thoughtful characters suited the story.  The author explained Holly and Brandon’s motivations, and we see how circumstances as well as time can alter their viewpoint.   I like the mystery that is included.  It adds more interest and depth to The Christmas Remedy.  Readers get to see how the Amish view healthcare and how they manage without insurance.  I have insurance and can still barely afford to visit a doctor with the high co-pays.  Many Amish prefer herbal remedies over modern medicine.  Holly wants to educate the Amish on their options and know when to visit a doctor.  Preventative care is important to staying healthy and finding a serious illness in time.  Readers also get to learn more about pharmacy operations.  They are governed by rules and regulations just like any business except they have more oversight and reporting (the laws vary from state to state as well). There is Christmas tidings and romance as well in The Christmas Remedy.  I hope we see more Amish books like The Christmas Remedy with females in unique professions.  Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall created an intriguing Amish novel in The Christmas Remedy.  I am giving The Christmas Remedy 4 out of 5 stars.
Erin Woodsmall has collaborated with Cindy Woodsmall on As the Tide Comes  In and The Gift of Christmas Past.  Thank you for visiting today.  Tomorrow I am featuring The Spitfire Girl by Fenella Miller.  A historical novel that takes readers back to before World War II begins in England and features a female flyer.  I hope you have a rosy day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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  1. I've never read any Amish romance books because I'm not a religious person, but this sounds good.