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Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman

Hearts in Harmony (An Amish Journey Novel Book 1) by [Wiseman, Beth]
Dreaming in Code: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer by [McCully, Emily Arnold]Today is National Napping Day!  My father was a big believer in naps.  He would come home from work, plop into his recliner and nap until dinner.  He could drop off to sleep so easily (lucky man).  A Beautiful Corpse by Christi Daugherty, Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman and Dreaming in Code:  Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer by Emily Arnold McCully are out today.  Leave No Scone Unturned by Denise Swanson comes out on March 26.  It is the second book in A Chef-to-Go Mystery series. Shot Through the Hearth by Kate Carlisle publishes on October 29.  It is the seventh A Fixer-Upper Mystery starring Shannon Hammer (I cannot wait to get my hands on this book).

Hearts in Harmony by Beth Wiseman is the first An Amish Journey Novel.  Mary Hershberger encountered young Levi Shetler eight years ago at the funeral of Englischer Percy Collins when she discovered him playing the piano.  Adeline Collins is having an estate sale which drew the attention of Mary’s father and Levi’s mother.  Levi is volunteered to help fix up the outside of Adeline’s home when his mother notices its deteriorated condition.  Mary can see that Adeline could use some help around the house and that she is unable to get out on her own.  On Saturday’s Mary and Levi meet at Adeline’s and become friends.  They learn that they both love music with Levi being gifted on the piano and Mary has a lovely singing voice.  Unfortunately, their communities do not allow them to play instruments or sing Christian music.  They question why these things are not allowed seeking a deeper understanding.  Neither Levi nor Mary have been baptized and they will soon need to make a choice.  Adeline appreciates the help from Levi and Mary, but she especially loves their companionship.  One day Adeline is surprised by a visit from Natalie, a relative from Percy’s side of the family.  Soon Natalie is visiting on a regular schedule and helps provide comfort to Adeline.  God has brought these four people together for a reason.  Join them on their journey in Hearts in Harmony.
An Amish Journey Novel (2 Book Series) by  Beth Wiseman
Hearts in Harmony is the first book in An Amish Journey series.  Adeline lives in Shoals, Indiana where she has been having financial troubles since the passing of her beloved husband, Percy.  Adeline is a sweet Christian woman who has become isolated in the last eight years.  Her health is declining, and she can no longer drive.  Mary and Levi enter Adeline’s life which is answer to Adeline’s prayers.   She is thankful for their company.  Adeline is further blessed when Natalie, a cousin from Percy’s side of the family, begins visiting.  Adeline is not the only person to benefit from the arrangement.  These four individuals were brought together for a reason as we see in Hearts in Harmony.  I liked that the younger people were willing to help Adeline.  They were kind, caring and helpful.  They were never impatient with her and they genuinely cared for Adeline (a shame we do not see more of this in our world).  Adeline was such a sweet, wholesome woman.  She is a character that you cannot help but love and root for.  It was interesting to see the differences between Mary and Levi’s districts.  One district was more lenient than the other because of the bishop in charge. There was also a financial disparity between Mary and Levi’s families.  Perceptions, kindness, friendships, music and faith are some of issues addressed in Hearts in Harmony.  I liked that Levi and Mary asked those in authority about why they are not allowed to play instruments or sing.  Individualism is not allowed (which I find odd since we are all unique individuals). Christian elements are woven into the story.  I did feel there was a lack of character development and descriptions of the area.  I wish the author had taken the time in the beginning to establish the characters.  I found the pacing of the story to be slow (it needed a little pep in its step).  Hearts in Harmony could have used some judicious editing.  It was too long and needed to be tightened up (would have made it a stronger story).  Hearts in Harmony is an amiable story with a delightful ending. 
A Lighthouse Library Mystery (3 Book Series) by  Eva Gates
Something Read, Something Dead: A Lighthouse Library Mystery by [Eva Gates]Listening to Love is the next An Amish Journey Novel and it will be out on September 3.  It is the story of Lucas Shetler (Levi's brother) and Natalie Collins. I appreciate you reading my latest review.  If you find my reviews helpful, please consider following my blog (upper right).  I will highlight Something Read, Something Dead by Eva Gates tomorrow.  It is the latest A Lighthouse Library Mystery.  I hope you have a pleasing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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