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Kitty Confidential by Molly Fitz: A Pet Whisperer PI

Kitty Confidential (Pet Whisperer PI #1)
Welcome!  The Memory House by Rachel Hauck comes out on April 2 along with Half Finished by Lauraine SnellingFoul Play on Words by Becky Clark releases on April 8.  It is the second A Mystery Writer's Mystery.  I am featuring Molly Fitz today is who is also known as romance writer Melissa Storm.
Kitty Confidential by Molly Fitz is the first Pet Whisperer PI Mystery.  Angie Russo is a paralegal (who dislikes lawyers) at Fulton, Thompson, and Associates in Blueberry Bay.  She rushes into the office (late) and is asked to make coffee for an important will reading.  Angie plugs in the ancient coffee maker and receives an electric shock that knocks her unconscious.  When she wakes up there is a cat on her chest whom it talking to her and Angie can understand the uppity feline.  His name is Octavius Maxwell Ricardo Edmund Frederick Fulton which Angie promptly shortens to Octo-Cat (poor thing).  Octo-Cat is at the office for the reading of Ethel Fulton’s will who was his owner.  He states that Ethel was murdered, and he needs Angie’s help in finding the killer.  Since Angie is the only person who can understand the little guy (and he is quite persistent), she decides to help him. Angie convinces Mr. & Mrs. Fulton to let her take Octo-Cat home with her with a little psychological double talk.  Octo-Cat is shocked when he arrives at Angie’s home (it is not up to his standards) and is further devastated when he is given tap water in a bowl from the local dollar store (Angie’s favorite shop).  But if Octo-Cat wants justice for Ethel, he will have to adapt.  Angie and Octo-Cat join forces to prove that Ethel was murdered and identify the guilty party.  There is one little problem.  Octo-Cat cannot tell humans apart visually.  Can Angie and Octo-Cat accomplish their mission?
 Pet Whisperer P.I.
Kitty Confidential is a quirky and humorous cozy mystery.  Angie Russo loves to learn and has earned seven degrees from the local community college. But a girl needs to work if she wants to take more classes (I know the feeling).  She loves shopping at the local dollar store and her clothing has an  80s vibe (she really does not fit in at the law office).  After being shocked by the old coffee maker, Angie can now talk to Octo-Cat.  He needs her help in proving his deceased owner was murdered.  Kitty Confidential is a story that will keep you laughing.  There is one zany incident and unique character after another.  Octo-Cat grows on you as the story progresses.  I loved the cat’s reaction when he was served tap water in a dollar bowl (he only drinks Evian in crystal or Lennox).  Octo-Cat’s snide comments had me chuckling (and looking at my cats in a new light).  I like the author’s casual writing style and the story progresses at a speedy pace.  Kitty Confidential is one of those books that you need to suspend your disbeliefs and reality.  You just need to read the story and go with the flow.  The mystery is unassuming, but there is misdirection to distract readers.  Kitty Confidential is a cute, entertaining cozy mystery that will brighten your day and tickle your funny bone.
Terrier Transgressions (Pet Whisperer P.I. Book 2) by [Fitz, Molly, Storm, Melissa, Press, Sweet Promise]

The next book in Pet Whisperer PI is Terrier Transgressions which releases May 1.  Hairless Harassment is the third tale in the series and it will be available on May 30.  I appreciate you visiting today and I hope you have found a new book (and series) to read.  I am featuring Chutes and Ladder by Marc Jedel tomorrow. It is the second A Silicon Valley Mystery.  Please stop by then to see what I thought about this new cozy mystery.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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