Thursday, March 21, 2019

Most Anticipated Spring Reads. . .

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What books are you looking forward to reading this spring?  I thought I would share a few of the books I cannot wait to read.

An Amish Reunion by Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman, Kelly Irvin and Kathleen Fuller.  Four heartwarming stories about reuniting with those you love. It will be out on April 9.

A Perfect Amish Match (Indiana Amish Brides) by [Chapman, Vannetta]
A Perfect Amish Match by Vannetta Chapman is part of the Indiana Amish Brides series and comes out on May 1.  After three failed relationships, Noah Graver would rather disappoint his parents than try again.  But when matchmaker Olivia Mae Miller agrees to provide courting lessons, Noah's perfect match match clear--it's Olivia Mae herself.  With ailing grandparents at home, she had not planned on love or marriage.  Might a future with Noah be everything she has been missing?

The Healing Jar by Wanda Brunstetter is the third book in The Prayer Jar series.  Lenore Lapp is an Amish schoolteacher in her late 20s and still living at home with her parents and grandparents.  She thought love had passed her by until she meets Jesse Smucker, a widower with a baby daughter.  Lenore quickly falls in love with Jesse and his daughter.  Jesse proposes marriage and Lenore accepts.  But then Jesse breaks off their engagement when he realizes he cannot marry for convenience.  While digging in her grandmother's garden, Lenore digs up an old jar.  Will Lenore find healing for her broken heart and solve long-buried family secrets by reading the notes inside the jar?  The Healing Jar will be out on August 1.

A Welcome at Our Door by Amy Clipston is the fourth book in An Amish Homestead series.  Cindy Riehl has watched her brothers and sisters find love in Lancaster County.  Cindy has continued to grieve the loss of her mother whose death left a hole in her heart. She has struggled to find peace and wonders if the community is the right place for her.  Cindy also wonders if her faith will be like it was before her mother passed away.  One day Cindy meets Englisher, Drew while chasing errant cow.  They become friends and much more which draws Cindy further away from her community and her family.  Soon Cindy needs to make a choice that will change her life.  A Welcome at Our Door releases on May 7.

Amish Outsider (River Haven) by [Perry, Marta]Amish Outsider by Marta Perry will be out on June 18.  In the wake of his estranged wife's murder, widower Michael Forster returns to the Amish community he left as a teenager.  He wants a fresh start for himself and his daughter away from those who still believe he is guilty.  He believes he will find it in River Haven.  Catherine Brandt is his daughter, Allie's schoolteacher whom he finds hard to ignore.  Cathy can tell that Allie's withdrawn demeanor is not from shyness.  Cathy is one to solve problems, but to help Allie, she will need to work with Michael.  Attraction soon sparks between them, but then Michael's past threatens his new life.  What must Michael do to protect those he loves?
Bite Club (A Melanie Travis Mystery Book 22) by [Berenson, Laurien]
A Governess at Penwythe Hall by Sarah Ladd (April 16), The Mennonite Queen by Patrick Craig (April 15), A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer (April 2),  Bite Club by Laurien Berenson (June 25)The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray (April 9), Murder in the Reading Room by Ellery Adams (April 30), and The Book Supremacy by Kate Carlisle (June 4)are a few of the other new novels that I cannot wait to read.  What are some book you are looking forward to enjoying this spring?  I look forward to your answers!  May you have a merry day.  Take care of yourself and Happy Reading!


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