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In Cold Chamomile by Joy Avon

In Cold Chamomile (A Tea and Read Mystery #3)
Good Day!  British Murder by Leslie Meier releases on February 25.  It contains English Tea Murder and British Manor Murder (two previously published Lucy Stone Mysteries).  Botched Butterscotch by Amanda Flower publishes on April 28.  It is An Amish Candy Shop Mystery.  Murder Outside the Lines by Krista Davis releases on July 28. It is the third A Pen & Ink Mystery.  The Secret Staircase by Sheila Connolly comes out August 18 and it is the third A Victorian Village Mystery.  Dying in a Winter Wonderland by Vicki Delany will be out on September 29.  It is the fifth A Year Round Christmas Mystery (it's back)!  
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In Cold Chamomile by Joy Avon has Callie Aspen organizing a Valentine’s event at Haywood Hall.  There is tea and delectable delights from Book Tea as well as a concert, a book exchange, pet event, seed swap, and book appraisals.  Mrs. Forrester arranged for appraiser, Mr. King to evaluate books.  Aunt Iphy is stunned when she notices the baritone who has arrived to sing at the concert.  She will only tell Callie that he is an old acquaintance who she never thought to see again.  Later in the day, Mrs. Moffett comes running up to Callie to announce that Mr. King is dead.  Callie quickly calls Deputy Ace Falk and awaits his arrival.  Mrs. Forrester is under suspicion and then Deputy Falk narrows his sights on singer, Sean Strong.  Ace tells Callie to not get involved in the case, but Aunt Iphy needs her help in clearing Sean.  Callie, accompanied by Aunt Iphy, begin questioning people who attended the event.  What happens, though, when they get to close for the killer’s comfort?
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In Cold Chamomile by Joy Avon is the third A Tea and Read Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone.  Callie Aspen is organizing a Valentine’s fundraiser at Haywood Hall with a variety of events.  My favorite was Fall in Love with Books where there was a book exchange, a book sale, and book appraisals.  There was also plants for sale, seed swap, dogs for adoption, a concert with a singer as well as tea and pastries.  Mrs. Forrester is in charge of the book events and she is a perfectionist.  She also organized the appraiser, Mr. King who had recently been on a television appraisal show.  Aunt Iphy is out of sorts after seeing the replacement baritone.  Turns out Aunt Iphy has a history with the singer, Sean Strong but she does not share the details with Callie.  When Callie is taking a quiet moment outside, Peggy comes running towards her car and she is crying.  She is upset by something Quinn has done, but (once again) she does not share what happened.  Then Mrs. Moffett comes running out and announces, “he’s dead”.  Mr. King, the appraiser, has been murdered.  Mrs. Forrester was seen arguing with him and her prints are on the murder weapon.  Deputy Ace Falk determines that Sean Strong, the baritone, is the killer.  Aunt Iphy knows Sean did not kill the victim and needs Callie’s help in proving it.  Ace Falk warns Callie to stay out of the investigation.  Callie is aware that by becoming involved in the case, it may affect their personal relationship.  The mystery was very straightforward and could easily be solved (early in the book).  There was a lack of suspects, clues and investigation.  Callie does not even check out the body or the room he was in before the police arrive.  The majority of In Cold Chamomile focused on romantic issues.  Peggy and Quinn, Aunt Iphy and Sean, plus Ace and Callie.  I know the book is for Valentine’s Day, but the mystery should have been more complex and prominent.  There were several inconsistencies in this book as well (those who have read the first two books will notice).  Deputy Ace Falk treats Callie terribly and acts like a jerk.  Callie needs to find a new love interest.  Someone who will appreciate her and her curiosity.  I thought the ending was odd.  In Cold Chamomile was a miss for me. My favorite line in Cold Chamomile is, “...if there was an object in the world you could easily fall in love with, it had to be books.”  In Cold Chamomile has a deceased evaluator, romantic morasses, tempting treats, a stylish singer, and a daft deputy.
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In Cold Chamomile can be obtained through Amazon*.  I suggest you obtain a sample to judge the book for yourself.  The first two novels in A Tea & Read Mystery series are In Peppermint Peril and Sweet Tea & Secrets.  Thank you for taking the time to read my review.  I will be back tomorrow to feature Ten Days Gone by Beverly Long.  It is the debut of An A.L. McKittridge series.  I hope you have an uplifting day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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