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We'll Meet Again by Rosie Archer

We'll Meet Again (The Bluebird Girls #2)
Welcome! Secrets of My Heart by Tracie Peterson publishes on March 3 along with Lavender Blue Murder by Laura Childs and The Ungodly Hour by Laura A. EganRevenge is Sweet by Kaye George releases on March 10.  It is the debut of The Vintage Sweet Mysteries.  Is there a new release you are looking forward to reading?  On Sunday's I feature books that I was unable to when they were released.  Today I am featuring We'll Meet Again by Rosie Archer.
The Andrews Sisters
The Andrews Sisters (The Bluebird Girls were similar)
We’ll Meet Again by Rosie Archer begins in January of 1941 in Gosport.  Ivy Sparrow, Bea Herron, and Rainey Bird are The Bluebird Girls who performed at the King’s Theatre for which they received a standing ovation.  The bookings begin pouring in for the girls much to their delight.  Blackie Wilson, their manager, works out a schedule and Jo Bird, their chaperone, must request more time off from her position at the newsagents in Alverstoke.  Travel is perilous thanks to the blackout and the frequent bombings.  Ivy has a crush on Eddie Herron, but he still views her as a kid.  Eddie is stepping out with Sunshine who takes a fancy to German POW, Max.  Max has an agenda and he needs Sunshine to accomplish it.  Jo has fallen in love with Blackie, but she is not sure he feels the same way about her.  Will The Bluebird Girls achieve fame?  Come along on tour with The Bluebird Girls in We’ll Meet Again.
Kings theatre Sunderland
Kings Theatre
We’ll Meet Again by Rosie Archer is the second novel in The Bluebird Girls series.  You do need to read The Bluebird Girls before embarking on We’ll Meet Again.  I enjoyed reading this engaging World War drama.  Ivy, Bea and Rainey performed at the King’s Theatre and they received a good write up in the local paper.  Blackie is busy fielding calls from people who wish the book the female trio.  We follow the day-to-day lives of Ivy, Bea, Rainey, Jo, Blackie, Eddie and others.  I like that there are side stories woven into the book.  Eddie has decided to employee German POWs to help with his rebuilding projects.  Max, a German POW, is determined to escape.  He has a plan and it involves conning a woman.  Various romantic relationships, and Little Annette’s act and estrangement from her mother.    I thought the author captured the feel of the time period where bombs are being dumped on the area, spending nights in air raid shelters, and rationing of most items is in effect.  Of course, there are ways to get around the rationing if you know the right people or have enough money.  The Bluebird Girls sing in a variety of clubs.  I liked the girls’ energy and lovely singing voices (I could just imagine them).  I felt bad for Blackie and Jo who quickly tired of the singers bickering (whenever they got into a car).  Their careers are taking flight and the ladies have some wonderful opportunities coming their way.  We’ll Meet Again has drama, suspense, romance, and music.  It was lovely catching up with The Bluebird Girls in We’ll Meet Again and I am eager to read The Forces’ Sweethearts.  
EVERYDAY LIFE AT A MINISTRY OF SUPPLY SHELL FILLING FACTORY, ENGLAND, UK, 1941. A female factory worker fits exploders into rows of shells at this filling factory. Behind her, other munitions workers can also be seen.
Munitions factory worker
Bea, Rainey and Ivy worked at Priddy's
We'll Meet Again is available through Amazon* along with The Bluebird Girls.  The next book in The Bluebird Girls series is The Forces' Sweethearts which is now out.  The fourth book in The Bluebird Girls series is Victory for the Bluebird Girls which releases on June 11, 2020.  Thank you for stopping by today.  On Monday, I am reviewing In Cold Chamomile by Joy Avon which is the latest A Tea and Read Mystery. I hope you have a lovely day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

The Avid Reader
Judy Garland reading at home (1941).
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