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Two Steps Forward by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Two Steps Forward (The Deacon's Family, #3)
Good Day!  Mercy House by Alena Dillon publishes on February 11 along with In Cold Chamomile by Joy Avon and A Long Bridge Home by Kelly IrvinOn the Lamb by Tina Kashian releases on February 25.  It is the fourth A Kebab Kitchen MysteryLavender Blue Murder by Laura Childs comes out March 3.  It is the 21st A Tea Shop Mystery.  Is there an upcoming release you are looking forward to reading?  
Two Steps Forward by Suzanne Woods Fisher takes us back to Stoney Ridge, Pennsylvania.  Jimmy Fisher is returning home dispirited.  Things did not go as planned in Colorado.  He is nearing the Bent N’ Dent when he sees a buggy pulled by a beautiful Arabian with a violet eyed beauty holding the reins.  Sylvie Schrock King is a widow with 4 ½ year old boy, a dilapidated farm and a big idea.  She knows that Edith Lapp will not appreciate her hiring Jimmy, but Sylvia needs the help and Jimmy understands horses.  Edith Lapp has been a thorn in Sylvie’s side, and she seems determined to reclaim Rising Star Farm that once belonged to her grandfather.  Sylvie wants to use the Arabian to breed horses, but she is not sure how to execute her plan.  Her deceased husband was known for bringing home junk and procrastination.  Jimmy admits that the task is daunting, but he does find it challenging.  The more time Jimmy spends with Sylvie, the more he is attracted to her.  But Jimmy is not looking to settle down.  Luke Schrock sees a lot of his old self in Jimmy.  When it looks like Jimmy needs a nudge, the women come up with a plan. 
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Two Steps Forward by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the third (and final) book in The Deacon’s Family series.  While Two Steps Forward can be read on its own, you will be missing out on two delightful books.   Reading The Deacon’s Family series in order allows you to get to know Luke, Izzy, Bishop David, Hank, Edith and the other characters in Stoney Ridge.  I have enjoyed following Luke’s journey and it is not over yet.  Jimmy Fisher is returning to Stoney Ridge after the ranch he was working on in Colorado went belly up.  He discovers that his mother, Edith has turned his bedroom into a scrapbooking room which has Jimmy sleeping on a lumpy sofa in the basement.  Sylvie Schrock King is a widow raising four and a half year old, Joey on her own along with trying to take care of Rising Star Farm.  Sylvie offers Jimmy a job which he accepts over his mother’s protests.  Jimmy is eager to work with Prince the Arabian horse Sylvie uses to pull her buggy.  When Izzy and Fern read about a second infant who died after being abandoned, they implore Luke to come up with an idea.  Izzy is happily married to Luke and loves their adopted girl, but she feels a loss over never knowing her own father.  She approaches her mother in hopes of learning more about her biological father.  Two Steps Forward is a delightfully entertaining novel.  There is humor, joy, love, frustration and despair.  There is also faith in the Lord.  They know that God is there watching over them and will take care of them.   I liked getting to know Sylvie.  She had a rough childhood in a conservative Amish group and frequently quotes phrases from the Bible.  Sylvie is good with animals and strays have a way of finding their way to Rising Star Farm.  Jimmy is an upbeat man who is a hard worker and a charmer.  His dimples and charm help him with women, but Jimmy has trouble with making a permanent commitment.  I like how the book brought attention to the issue of abandoned babies.  While there are Safe Haven laws, there are still babies left in restrooms and dumpsters.    Two Steps Forward is well-written with engaging characters set in a special Amish community.  This is a book that had me smiling and laughing often while reading it with the occasional frown (thanks to Edith).  I am going to miss Stoney Ridge and the people who reside there (even Hank Lapp).  Two Steps Forward is a brilliant conclusion to The Deacon’s Family series.  Two Steps Forward is a charming tale with baby boxes, a hen pen, a jumble of junk, a bright boy, a meddling mother and a benevolent bishop.
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Two Steps Forward can be purchased from Amazon* and other major booksellers (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, CBD).  The other two novels in The Deacon's Family series are Mending Fences (on Kindle Unlimited) and Stitches in Time.  Suzanne Woods Fisher's next book release is On a Coastal Breeze.  It releases on May 5, 2020 and is the second book in Three Sisters Island series.  On a Summer Tide is the first book in Three Sisters Island series and it is available through Kindle Unlimited.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with The Bermondsey Bookshop by Mary Gibson.  I hope that you have a friendly day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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