Monday, March 23, 2020

The Basic Bible Atlas by John A. Beck

Welcome! I hope you are well and taking good care of yourself.  I want to share some upcoming book releases with you.  The House at the End of the Moor by Michelle Griep comes out April 1.  Pockets of Promise by Laurie Stroup Smith releases on April 30.  It is the debut of The Pocket Quilt series.  The Heirloom Garden by Viola Shipman will be out on April 28.  A Walk Along the Beach by Debbie Macomber publishes on July 28.  I just love Debbie Macomber's books.  Do any of these appeal to you?
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Have you ever wondered where places are in the Bible?  The Basic Bible Atlas by John A. Beck has the maps that allows us to see where places are in the Bible.  I especially liked that we can see where the place was in biblical times and where the location is now in modern times.  This is a great beginner book for those new to biblical geography.  We get the events of the Bible told through places.  This allows you to get a better understanding of the locations mentioned in the Holy Bible.  The maps are in color with good details (terrain, rivers, etc.).  The book is divided into two sections:  Introduction to Geography and Putting the Story in its Place.  The first introduces you to the geography of biblical world.  It gives you an overview or the big picture.  The second section takes you through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation identifying the geography.  It identifies each shift in location, its impact and meaning.  The Basic Bible Atlas will help you to know the lands of the Bible and the role geography played in shaping the Lord’s message. This would be a great book for parents who are homeschooling.  I found this book helpful in allowing me to visualize the locations in the Bible.  This is a great book to add to my home Bible reference library (with my Bible, concordance, study Bible). 
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The Basic Bible Atlas is available from Amazon*.  Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Love and Marriage at Harpers by Rosie Clarke.  It is the second book in Welcome to Harpers Emporium series.  May you have a chipper day. By the way. . . What building has the most stories?  The Library! Take care, stay safe at home and Happy Reading!


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