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The Sunday Potluck Club by Melissa Storm

The Sunday Potluck Club (The Sunday Potluck Club, #1)
The Sunday Potluck Club by Melissa Storm has friends Amy, Hazel, Bridget and Nichole preparing for another funeral in Anchorage, Alaska.  Each one has had a parent suffer from cancer.  Three of them have lost a loved one to the dreadful disease.  Today is the funeral for Bridget’s sweet mother who requested that she be remembered with smiles not tears.  The four ladies meet each Sunday for a hot meal and friendship therapy.  They call their meetings the Sunday Potluck Club.  Amy is returning to her job on Monday after being off for the last year to take care of her mother and then grieve.  She is hoping that getting back to normal will help her with her grief.  A new girl in her classroom does not speak in class and keeps herself isolated.  Amy learns that the girl lost her mother recently to cancer.  Amy believes she is meant to help the child and reaches out to her father who has his own struggles. Bridget volunteers at the local animal shelter until the new semester begins and she can resume her veterinary studies.  She wants to get all the animals in the shelter adopted by Valentine’s Day which is in two weeks.  She comes up with a Valentine’s Day event and enlists her friends to help.  The ladies know that this is Bridget’s way of avoiding dealing with her grief and worry what will happen when she cracks.  But the ladies dive in to make this event a success.  They happily welcome the little girl and her father into their circle.  They all need to find a way to heal, find joy and continue living.  Will Bridget succeed with her goal?  Can Amy help the little girl and her father?  
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The Sunday Potluck Club by Melissa Storm is a book of friendship, grief, love, unconditional love of animals and healing.  The beginning of the story is a little depressing, but the tone soon changes.  This is a story about people struggling with their grief which can be overwhelming.  Amy, Bridget, and Hazel became friends after meeting in the hospital cafeteria.  Each one had a parent going through chemotherapy.  Nichole is the fourth member of their group and is fortunate that her father’s cancer is in remission.  The four ladies meet each Sunday for a potluck meal and friendship therapy.  Amy is having a hard time handling her grief over the loss of her mother.  This is Amy’s third funeral in less than a year and it is wearing her down.  She is hoping that by returning to work, her life will return to normal.  Brigit just lost her mother and is handling her grief by keeping busy.  Brigit refuses to talk about her grief.  She becomes involved with the local animal shelter and becomes determined to make sure every dog is adopted by Valentine’s Day which is in two weeks.  The three friends get recruited to help Brigit pull off this massive endeavor.  Amy has a new girl in her second-grade class who has just moved to Anchorage with her father.  The child just lost her mother to cancer.  Amy notices the girl does not talk in class nor smile.  Amy wants to help the little girl and contacts the child’s father.  There is an instant spark of attraction between Amy and the father.  But there is an issue that prevents them from moving forward.  As Amy gets involved in activities, her grief lessens.  We follow Amy and Bridgit as the deal with their grief in their own way.  The Sunday Potluck Club is an uplifting story.  I enjoyed the Valentine’s Day event at the animal shelter.  It was a cute idea and a good way for people to interact with the animals (and help them find forever homes).  I would have liked more details on the characters as well as Anchorage.  It would have added more depth to the story.  There are several good lessons in this story.  That each person handles grief in their own way, you should be honest with your friends, and grief takes time.  I liked that the ladies were close friends and willing to help each other out at a moment’s notice.  People who are there for you no matter what are true friends.  The animals sounded like such cuties.  The author’s word imagery really brought them life.  You can tell that Melissa Storm has animals of her own from her descriptions.  The Sunday Potluck Club is an emotional novel with first class friends, agonizing grief, scrumptious potluck, furry friends,  fun forts, and a cold climate.
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The Sunday Potluck Club is available from Amazon*.  The second book in The Sunday Potluck Club series is Wednesday Walks and Wags.  This story features Bridgit Moore and it will release on August 25.  Melissa Storm also writes humorous cozy mysteries under the pen name Molly Fitz.  The Pet Whisperer PI series features Angie Russo who can talk to cats and her pretentious cat, Octo-Cat.  The books in the series are available through Kindle Unlimited.  You can get two months free of Kindle Unlimited when you join the program (you can always cancel later if you do not like it).  You should give it a try.  Thank you for joining me today. Tomorrow I am sharing my review of Gone with A Whisker by Laurie Cass. It is the 8th novel in A Bookmobile Cat Mystery series. I hope that you have a positive day.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!
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