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Gone with the Whisker by Laurie Cass

Gone with the Whisker (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #8)
Happy April.  I hope you are staying positive and safe as we adjust to our new normal.  Are you curious about the history of April Fools' Day?  Check out this site for more information.  The House at the End of the Moor by Michelle Griep is out today.  I will be featuring it on April 18 as part of the Celebrate Lit Book Tour.  Dead on the Vine by Elle Brooke White is the debut of A Finn Family Farm Mystery series.  It will be out on April 7.  A Spell for Trouble by Esme Addison is the debut novel in An Enchanted Bay Mystery series.  It releases on May 12. A Tea by the Sea Mystery series begins with Tea & Treachery by Vicki Delany on July 28.  Death at High Tide by Hannah Dennison comes out August 18.  It is the first book in An Island Sisters Mystery.   I am glad to see so many new cozy mysteries coming on the market.  
SLIC has published a report on the use and impact of mobile libraries throughout Scotland.
Gone with the Whisker by Laurie Cass has Minnie Hamilton busy with her bookmobile duties with her feline sidekick, Eddie in Chilson, Michigan.  Minnie is sharing her tiny houseboat with her niece, Katrina who is visiting for the summer.  The Fourth of July arrives which happens to be Minnie’s 35th birthday.  After a fun day with hiking and good food, Minnie, Rafe, Katrina, Aunt Frances and her new husband, Otto set out for the park to enjoy the fireworks.  After a spectacular light show, Katrina is leading the way home until she stumbles and then screams.  Katrina—excuse me, she wishes to go by Kate now—tripped over the body of Rex Stuhler, one of the bookmobile’s most loyal patrons.  Minnie just saw him two days ago at an alternate bookmobile stop.  Kate starts having nightmares.  She asks Minnie to find Rex’s killer. Minnie keeps the details on a whiteboard aboard her houseboat which encourages Kate to contribute her theories about the crime.  When another bookmobile patron ends up dead, Minnie believes the two cases are connected.  Can Minnie piece together the clues to solve this puzzling whodunit or will she end up the next victim leaving Eddie to find a new owner to provide his cuddles and kibble?
Paulding County (Ohio) Carnegie Library Bookmobile.
Gone with the Whisker by Laurie Cass is the 8th A Bookmobile Cat Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you have not read the prior books in the series or skipped a book or two.  Gone with the Whisker contains good writing with friendly characters in a charming small town.  Minnie Hamilton is happy to have her niece, Katrina—aka Kate—visiting for the summer.  She did not count on the teenage attitude nor Kate’s addiction to her phone.  Minnie is busy driving her bookmobile providing books and other materials to those who cannot make it to the library in town.  After enjoying a day celebrating the Fourth of July and her birthday, Minnie and her family are heading home.  Kate suddenly trips and then lets out a screech.  She stumbled upon bookmobile patron, Rex Stuhler who dead from a gunshot.  Minnie and her sidekick, Eddie begin delving into the case and providing helpful information to Detectives Wolverson and Inwood.  When a second bookmobile patron ends up dead, Minnie believes the cases are connected.  She needs to prove it and then find the killer so her niece will stop having nightmares.  Minnie comes up with several suspects and a variety of theories with the help of her niece, Kate.  I thought the mystery suited the town and relates to an ongoing problem in our country.  The whodunit can be solved before the tense conclusion (earlier if you are an avid reader of the genre).  I loved Eddie’s part in aiding Minnie.  It is cute how Minnie talks to Eddie and he responds with his adorable “mrr”.  Anyone who has cats can relate.  It is a good thing Eddie is around when Minnie needs him.  There are enjoyable cozy moments in the story as Minnie spends time with her family and friends.  The ending of Gone with the Whisker is special and will leave you smiling.  I am curious when Rafe will finish the house and who will end up winning the pool.  I believe everyone in town has placed a bet on the finish date.  Gone with the Whisker is a lighthearted cozy mystery with a fun feline, bundles of books, fabulous fireworks, tasty treats, a bustling bookmobile, and continuous construction.
Gone with the Whisker is available from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers.  You can find the other books in A Bookmobile Cat Mystery series here.  The first book in this series is Lending the Paw which is currently on sale (ebook version) for $1.99 (please check price before purchasing because prices change quickly on Amazon).  If you enjoy cozy mysteries that feature cats, you should check out A Cat in the Stacks Mystery series by Miranda James. Tomorrow I am sharing Thursday's Bride by Patricia Johns.  Thank you for dropping by today and reading my review.  I hope you have jubilant day.  For your amusement. . . I had plans to read a book about sinkholes, but they feel through!  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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