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Spoonful of Murder by Tonya Kappes

 Spoonful of Murder
Book Summary

Welcome to the Bean Hive Coffeehouse where the coffee and gossip are HOT!

Sure, Honey Springs, Kentucky is a destination for summer time visitors but our annual Christmas Festival, which includes a PAW-rade (mmhmmm for furry friends) is giving the summer tourist season a run for its money quickly becoming a tourist favorite!

Aunt Maxi is hosting a progressive supper for the community to raise funds for Pet Palace, our local SPCA. You'd think it would be GREAT for the tourists and it is but when Aunt Maxi literally has a hissy fit with a tail on it after she finds out Loretta Bebe's involvement...things turn south.

A dead body appears during the appetizers, Aunt Maxi and Loretta are suspects, and it's all she wrote from there.

Lordy bee...let's hope this things wrapped up in a nice little package with a bow on top so Santa doesn't have to make a stop at the local jail!

My Thoughts

Spoonful of Murder by Tonya Kappes is the 10th A Killer Coffee Mystery.  Roxy is looking forward to the holidays in Honey Springs, Kentucky.  Aunt Maxi has organized a progressive dinner with the proceeds benefiting the Pet Palace, their local SPCA.  At the Bean Hive, Roxy will be providing coffee and dessert.  The day of the progressive dinner, the woman providing the appetizers has to bow out after breaking her ankle.  Loretta is quick to step in, but her food is the last thing Aunt Maxi wants served.   Aunt Maxi comes up with a plan to save the day.  Before the guests can move on to the main course, a body is found on the beach.  Loretta and Aunt Maxi are at te top of the suspect list.  The pair declare a truce until the case is solved.  They are relying on Roxy to sift through the clues and produce the killer.  Can Roxy serve up the guilty party before her Christmas dinner?  

Spoonful of Murder can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.  Everything you need to know is included.  Christmas is quickly approaching which means plenty of activities in Honey Springs.  Aunt Maxi dreamed up the progressive dinner which has Roxy providing coffee and dessert.  Roxy is looking forward to the Paw Parade and the other fun activities.  She is also hosting dinner at the Bean Hive for family, friends and anyone who wishes to attend.  Spoonful of Murder is an amusing cozy mystery with Aunt Maxi and Loretta up to their old tricks.  Loretta wants to provide the appetizer for the progressive dinner which has Aunt Maxi (and many others) in an uproar.  There is no one that wishes to eat Loretta’s cheese balls.  I like the characters in this series.  They are relatable and realistic.  Honey Springs is a typical small Southern town where gossip spreads faster than butter on hot pancakes.  I noticed a continuity issue or two in the book which I hope will get corrected.  The mystery was uncomplicated.  There was a lack of suspects which made it a cinch to identify the wrongdoer.  There are good clues in the story and Roxy is good at obtaining information.  The puppy up for adoption at the Bean Hive stole the show.  He is a cutie pie.  I wanted to bring him home.  There is a special surprise at the end that will delight fans.  Spoonful of Murder is a lighthearted tale with a precious puppy, delectable coffee, cheese ball bedlam, a merry mystery, a crafty killer, a resolute Roxy, and a cheery Christmas.  

Spoonful of Murder publishes December 23 and it is available for pre-order from Amazon*.  You find the other nine books in A Killer Coffee Mystery series here. The next novel in A Killer Coffee Mysteries is Barista Bump Off which releases February 24, 2022.  You can find  Tonya Kappes' other novels here.   Thank you for visiting today.  I will return tomorrow with Christmas Card Murder by Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, and Peggy Ehrhart.   I hope that you have a merry weekend.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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