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A New Start for the Wrens by Vicki Beeby

 A New Start for the Wrens

Book Summary

Are these newly trained Wrens ready to protect Britain’s coastline?

Following a humiliating experience involving the man she thought she’d marry, Iris Tredwick signs up to the Wrens in order to escape and find ‘the right sort’ of man to please her mother. After a bumpy start, Iris manages to befriend outspoken Mary and dreamer Sally as they are sent to their first posting – in Orkney.

There she meets mechanic Rob, whose flirtatious nature both charms and confounds strait-laced Iris. Much more appropriate for her is local doctor Stewart, if only she felt the same spark for him as she does for Rob…

As Iris, Mary, and Sally work to interpret signals from incoming ships, they realize the enemy is somehow one step ahead of their maneuvers, dropping sea mines under the cover of darkness. Could there be a spy on the island? And can the Wrens prevent disaster striking before it’s too late?

A thrilling and lively Second World War saga for fans of Kate Thompson and Daisy Styles.

My Thoughts

 Iris Tredwick is a young woman from a posh family.  She is hoping to marry soon and avoid having to do war work that will soon be mandatory for all single women.  When Iris’ plans are shattered, she picks the Wrens after seeing the uniform.  At training, Iris meets Sally and Mary who have not the easiest of lives.  After training, the three women are sent to the Orkney Islands.  They soon discover mysterious happenings on the island and wonder if the enemy has infiltrated Orkney.  The ladies work to uncover the truth with the help of the flirtatious Rob who has taken a liking to Iris.  

A New Start for the Wrens by Vicki Beeby is the beginning of The Wrens series.  The market has been flooded with stories from this time period, and I almost did not read this book.  I am glad that I did.  It is an engaging historical novel about three women who join the Wrens in 1941.  I thought the author captured the time period and the feeling of the people.  Iris Tredwick was not the most likeable character in the beginning, but she grew on me.  Iris is the main character in this story.  I hope each lady will get a book of their own while incorporating the other two.  The women who entered the various service organizations were very brave.  I liked learning about the Wrens.  Iris, Sally, and Mary undertook training to become visual signalers.  It was interesting learning about the different signals and the work the women did on the Orkney Islands.  The author found a way to provide the information on signaling and keep it interesting (I was not bored). The Orkney  Islands sounded remote and barren yet beautiful at the same time.  I like the author’s writing style.  It is casual which made the story easy to read.  It had a good flow too.  I like how the women came together and became friends.  I like seeing strong, positive female friendships.  I loved the story had mystery and intrigue in it as well.  It was easy to identify the bad guy, but I was curious as to how the ladies would discover the truth.  I am looking forward to the next book in The WrensA New Start for the Wrens is a charming tale with sailing ships, studying signals, an imperious mother, a major misunderstanding, waging war, an infiltrating enemy, and faithful friends.  

Orkney Scapa Flow

A New Start for the Wrens is available from Amazon*.  Vicki Beeby has also written The Women's Auxiliary Air Force series.  You can follow Vicki Beeby on Amazon and receive an email when she releases a new book.  Thank you for stopping by today.   I will return on Monday with Under Lock & Skeleton Key by Gigi Pandian.  It is the debut of A Secret Staircase Mystery series.  If you are looking for something fun and light to read, check out This Little Piggy:  Kappy King and the Pig Kaper by Amy Lillard.  It is the fourth A Kappy King Kaper.   I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.  I am going to be relaxing.  I, unfortunately, had a fibromyalgia flare this week and it was a bad one.  I am still recuperating.   I did get a laugh at my mother trying to make my dog's dinner (he gets cooked meals just like my mother and myself).  I am able to get up out of bed so that is progress.  I will hopefully be back to my normal next week.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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