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Burning Hope by Wendy Roberts

Burning Hope
 Book Summary

From Wendy Roberts, author of Grounds to Kill and the Bodies of Evidence series, comes a new paranormal mystery featuring an amateur sleuth kindling a deep secret…

Red Hooper’s never been what you’d call lucky, but searching for coffee and finding a dead body instead takes things to a whole other level. Even worse, she and her camper van, Bubbles, just rolled into town, and being the new girl makes her suspect number one.

Red never lingers in one place for long—she’s got secrets better left undiscovered—and this time she’s definitely overstayed her welcome. Caught in the crosshairs of a police investigation and creeping to the top of the real murderer’s to-do list, Red will have to plant some roots if she’s going to survive.

Easier said than done. It seems like everyone in town has made up their mind about Red…except the mysterious Noah Adams. The gruff townie might be the key to proving her innocence—if he doesn’t bring even more trouble her way. Together they unravel the mystery surrounding the murder, but Red will be forced to embrace her psychic gifts if she’s going to clear her name before the real murderer snuffs her out.

My Thoughts

Burning Hope by Wendy Roberts has Scarlet “Red” Hooper finding the body of Murray in the storeroom on Pincher’s Dollarama.  As the newcomer to town, Red becomes Marshal Joel Cobb’s prime suspect. Red is confined to the area until the investigation is complete.  The only way to clear her name and be able to leave Hope Harbor is to investigate on her own.  Red has a special ability, but she does not how to use it properly.  Red’s estranged sister shows up with surprising news and an offer of help.  Red is going to need assistance if she is to get out from under Marshal Cobb’s scrutiny. 

Burning Hope is the debut novel in A Red Hooper Mysteries.  It is a paranormal cozy mystery since our protagonist has a special ability.  In the beginning of Burning Hope, it did not feel like the first book.  I felt like I was plopped into the middle of a series.  Things are explained later in the story.  The murder occurs in the first chapter leaving the rest of the book for the investigation and learning more about Red.  I did not find Red to be a likeable woman.  She is not the normal warm main character you find in this type of mystery (cozy mystery with a hint of paranormal).  Red is standoffish and keeps people at a distance.  I definitely did not like Red’s sister.  We meet townspeople along the way with special attention on Noah.  Noah is a nice man who owns the local hardware store.  Romance is more prevalent than the mystery at times in the story.  There were no sparks or chemistry between Red and Noah.  The words are there but not the emotions.  The mystery was straightforward.  There are only a handful of suspects, and the solution was different.  I never felt there was a real investigation.  The mystery never felt a priority.  I also question Red’s special ability.  I just did not feel that everything came together into one cohesive story.  There is too much repetition, especially about Bubbles and Red’s grandmother.  The one thing I did like was Muffin, the little kitten that needs a home.  Burning Hope does contain foul language, intimate situations, and drug addiction.  While Burning Hope is not my cup of tea, others find it appealing (that is the beauty of books).  I suggest you obtain a sample to judge for yourself.  Burning Hope is an unusual paranormal tale with a coffee catastrophe, a gone groper, distrusting townspeople, a frustrating marshal, a cuddly kitten, surprising secrets, a handsome hardware store owner plus a nomad with her bubble mobile.  

Burning Hope is available from Amazon*.  You can find Wendy Roberts' other novels here.  Thank you for dropping by today.  Next time I am featuring Cheddar Off Dead by Korina Moss.  It is the debut of A Cheese Shop Mysteries. I am off to work on my Easter decorations outside.  I have about fifteen inflatables (not sure how that happened).  I need to make sure they all work together.  I like to have various scenes with them.  I will also need plenty of extension cords. I hope that you have a hopeful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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