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Murder Through an Open Door by Melissa Bourbon

 Murder Through an Open Door

Book Summary

To stop the curse that has plagued her family for centuries, Pippin Lane Hawthorne has enlisted the help of authors Tolkien, Homer, and Dickens. How? Through bibliomancy, a practice by which passages in books speak to her in cryptic code that only she can decipher. When she finds a message from her mother in an old copy of The Secret Garden, she hopes this book might hold the answers she so desperately seeks.

The book leads Pippin to a vital clue, but before she can figure out what it means, she stumbles upon a dead body. Though the authorities deem the death is from natural causes, the books found scattered around the body tell Pippin a different story—the victim was murdered. And the death is connected to her family and the curse. Now, to solve a murder in the present, Pippin must dig deeper into her family’s troubled past, even if it means staring danger in the face.

My Thoughts

Murder Through an Open Door by Melissa Bourbon is the third A Book Magic Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series.  However, I recommend reading the series in order which will allow you to understand the curse, the family history, and get to know the main characters.  I thought Murder Through an Open Door was well-written with developed characters.  We continue to learn more about Pippin, Gray, and their family line as the series progresses.  I find the characters to be likeable and relatable.  I love that Pippin’s gift is bibliomancy.  The books speaks to her and provide clues.  Gray and Pippin are still trying to learn more about the family curse.  They both wish to find their soul mate, but they are not willing to risk it until the curse has been lifted.  The woman dies in childbirth while the man is lost to the sea.  I can tell the author did her research into Celtic lore and mythology.  She manages to strike a balance between not enough and too much with regard to details.  It seems that Pippin and Gray are not the only ones interested in the curse or the supposed treasure.  When a man is found dead in backroom of the bookstore surrounded by books, Pippin knows it is related to her family.  The mystery is complex.  We learn more about the Lane family and Tuatha De Danann.  There are twists and a surprising revelation or two.  Murder Through an Open Door combines murder, mayhem, and magic into one intriguing tale. 

Murder Through an Open Door is available from Amazon*.  You can find the other A Book Magic Mysteries here.  The prequel to A Book Magic Mysteries is The Secret on Rum Runner's Lane.  The other A Book Magic Mysteries are Murder in Devil's Cove and Murder at Sea Captain's Inn (all can be borrowed for free through Kindle Unlimited). The next A Book Magic Mystery is Murder and the Irish Curse which publishes September 6.  Check out Melissa Bourbon's other novels by clicking here.  My favorite series by Melissa Bourbon is A Magical Dressmaking series.   Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am a stop on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours for Front Page Murder by Joyce St. Anthony.  Please stop by to learn more about this new historical mystery and enter the giveaway.  I hope that you have a magical day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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