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Jeannie's War by Carol MacLean

 Jeannie's War

Book Summary

War changed her country, but it couldn’t change her spirit

Glasgow, 1939

Despite being shy and reserved, Jeannie Dougal finds herself newly engaged to handsome soldier, Arthur Dunn, the day war is announced. Jeannie accepts, even if she is unsure if a girl from the tenements will fit in with Arthur’s comfortable, middle-class background. But as WW2 takes its toll on the world, her wedding must wait…

As she sets off to work at a munitions factory she meets Eileen, Janet and Annie. As her new friends bond together in war work, sharing their stories of romance, Jeanie is grateful to be settled with Arthur, even if he is set in his ways.

Until she meets charming Canadian soldier, Bill, and realises she has found a spark she was always missing. But how can Jeannie tell Arthur? And is she strong enough to fight her own battle, with the country already at war…?

An emotional and romantic family saga set in WW2 Scotland and the start of a captivating new series. Fans of Call the Midwife and Katie Flynn won’t be able to put this down.

My Thoughts

Jeannie’s War by Carol MacLean is an engaging novel set that takes us to Glasgow, Scotland in 1939.  The Dougal family is in their flat on Kiltie Street listening to Neville Chamberlain on the wireless as he declares they are now at war with Germany.  Jeannie Dougal is a reserved young woman who does not realize her own beauty because of a faded strawberry birthmark on her face.  She considers herself fortunate to be stepping out with the handsome Arthur Dunn.  Arthur comes to the house after the broadcast and asks Jeannie to marry him.  Jeannie accepts his proposal even though she is a little unsure.  They have only gone on a couple of dates, and they are from different backgrounds.  While the Dougal’s live in the tenements, Arthur and his mother live in a home in an upper middle-class neighborhood.  Arthur heads off to training after enlisting while Jeannie begins working at Fearnmore’s factory where they are making munitions.  At the factory, Jeannie befriends Eileen Boyle, Janet Thom, and Annie Morris.  When Jeannie goes out with her friends one evening, she meets Canadian solider Bill.  Jeannie finds herself attracted to Bill and feels a spark with him that she has never felt with Arthur.  Jeannie made a commitment to Arthur, though, and she intends to honor it.  But then something happens could change the family forever.

I enjoyed reading Jeannie’s War by Carol MacLean.  I found myself drawn into the story.  I was curious as to how everything would turn out.  I like the author’s writing style.  It made the story easy to read.  Jeannie’s War had a good pace and flow.  The story focuses on Jeannie, but we also spend time with Eileen, Jeannie’s mother, Jimmy who is Jeannie’s brother who is in the army, Jeannie’s youngest siblings in the countryside, and Jeannie’s younger sister.  Kathy, Jeannie’s sister is fifteen going on twenty-five.  She is a temperamental young woman who likes to get her way.  The characters are a mixed bunch (some you like and some you do not).  I thought they were realistic.    I enjoyed the descriptions of Glasgow.  I thought the author captured the time period especially the munitions factory.  I can tell the author did her research.  I like how the novel ended and I am looking for the next book in The Kiltie Street Girls seriesJeannie’s War is a poignant historical tale with avowal of war, rationing regulations, a temperamental teenager, war work, a precious pig, firm friends, and a problem to ponder.  

Jeannie's War is available from Amazon*.  I am looking forward to the next book in The Kiltie Street Girls series.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I am off to take my mother to the doctor.  Her old primary physician retired, so I had to find her a new one.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will like him.  On Friday, I am featuring Burning Hope by Wendy Roberts.  It is the first book in A Red Hooper Mysteries.  I hope that you have a jolly good day.  Take care of yourself, stay safe, and Happy Reading!


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