Tuesday, October 11, 2022

On the Way to Christmas by Sheila Roberts, Melissa Ferguson, and Amy Clipston

 On the Way to Christmas
Book Summary

In this glittering and heartwarming collection, three of today’s bestselling sweet romance novelists offer up the gift of cheer for the winter holiday season.

A Christmas Do-Over by Sheila Roberts

Darby doesn’t want to go home for the holidays, but a career fail sends her slinking back to the small town she always wanted to escape. No one there is especially glad to see the former mean girl—especially not her sister, Erica, or childhood best friend, Gregory. Darby is working hard to be a better person, but has she eaten enough humble pie to make amends?

Dashing Through the Snow by Melissa Ferguson

When Willow’s boyfriend of seven years dumps her on the eve of a romantic getaway, she decides to take the two-week train trip on The Christmas Express alone. Hurt as she feels, she can’t anticipate how the hilarious rebound ride with conductor Oliver, elf Ian, and aging world adventurer Clarence will heal her heart—and renew her sense of worth.

A Perfectly Splendid Christmas by Amy Clipston

Kacey adores the metropolitan life, but when she gets away to help her sister during a family crisis and run her bakery, she falls in love with former classmate Drew. The problem: he’s a small-town man, and she’s a big-city woman. Is their love big enough to overcome such a major difference?

Curl up with your favorite holiday drink and sink into three worlds where dreams once thought long-gone are still within reach.

My Thoughts

On the Way to Christmas contains three contemporary Christmas romances by Sheila Roberts, Melissa Ferguson, and Amy Clipston.  These are sweet stories that will get you in the mood for the holidays.  I thought all three were well-written with steady pacing.  I liked the characters and their stories. Amy Clipston takes us back to Splendid Lake in a Perfectly Splendid Christmas.  I enjoyed returning to this charming town for Christmas.  Kacey and Drew are getting a second chance, but only if one of them is brave enough to speak up.  This was a heartwarming story.  Dashing Through the Snow by Melissa Ferguson has Willow embarking on the Christmas Express by herself thanks to her discourteous ex-boyfriend.  There is a handsome conductor who just might be the one for Willow.  I laughed often while reading Dashing Through the Snow.  I enjoyed the humor.  I wanted Willow’s elf shoes (they sound so cute).  The ending was delightful.  

A Christmas Do-Over by Sheila Roberts has Darby returning home for the holidays with her tail between her legs.  Darby needs to apologize for her past behavior and prove that she has changed.  That old saying that what goes around comes around, well Darby may be in for a big dose of what she used to dish out.  These were three lighthearted tales that will get you into the spirit of the season. On the Way to Christmas is a charming collection of Christmas stories with scrumptious cookies, a school choir, an elf ensemble, competitive chess play, a snowball mishap, an ornament accident, and Christmas cheer.  

On the Way to Christmas is available from Amazon*.  Amy Clipston has Something Old, Something New coming out January 3, 2023.  You can find Amy Clipston's other novels here.  You can find Melissa Ferguson's books here.  Sheila Roberts gives us a delightful new Christmas story each year.  You can find them here along with her other books. I appreciate you stopping by today.  I will be back tomorrow with The High Notes by Danielle Steel.  I hope that you have a stellar day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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