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The High Notes by Danielle Steel

 The High Notes
Book Summary

Iris Cooper has been singing ever since she can remember, hitting the high notes like no one else. When she is twelve, her father convinces the owner of a bar in Lake City, Texas, to let her perform, and she stuns the audience. In the ensuing years, never staying anywhere for long, father and daughter move from one dusty town to the next, her passion for music growing every time she takes the mike in another roadhouse.

But it is not an easy life for Iris with her father in charge and using her income to pay for gambling, women, and booze. When she starts to tour at age eighteen, she takes on a real manager. Yet he exploits her too, and the singers and musicians she tours with are really the only family she has. It is they who give Iris the courage to finally fly free, leave the tour, and follow her dreams.
After years of enduring the hardships of the road, exploitation, and abuse to do what she loves, Iris’s big chance comes as her talent soars. But at the top at last, Iris still has to fight every step of the way. In The High Notes, Danielle Steel delivers an inspiring story about finding the strength to stand up for yourself and your dreams, no matter what it takes.

My Thoughts

The High Notes by Danielle Steel is about Iris Cooper who was gifted with a magical voice.  Her father decided to cash in on his daughter’s talent.  Iris was twelve when her father got her a job in a local bar.  He kept them moving all through Iris’s childhood with her spending her evenings and weekends singing for their supper.  When Iris was seventeen, father dearest signed her up with a slimy promotor to tour for five years.  It was a grueling five years.  Unable to find work after the tours, Iris signed up with a different promoter for another five years.  This man liked to surprise his singers at concerts and degrade them.  When the slime ball slapped a singer, Iris had enough.  Iris changed the color of her and disappeared.  She was fortunate to encounter a good band in Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming.   Boy, a member of the band, and Iris became friends.  When the band breaks up, Iris and Boy head to New York.  Iris had been given the phone number of an agent who could make her a star.  Clay signs Iris and Boy.  Their careers are soon on the rise.  A tragic event has Iris making a few changes to her life.  

The High Notes is what I call a rags-to-riches story.  I like Danielle Steel’s writing style.  It is casual and friendly.  The story moved along at a steady pace.  I liked Iris Cooper.  She had a terrible childhood, but it never affected her outlook.  Iris is a kind person with a magnificent voice.  Iris had a rough road to hoe, and she deserved something good to happen to her.  There was plenty going on this book.  I found myself quickly drawn into the story.  It is a book that can be finished in a couple of hours.  It is the perfect book to read before a cozy fire or while lounging on the beach.  I just loved the description of Rosebud.  She is a cutie.  There is some foul language as well as some graphic violence.  Key backstory details are repeated frequently.  The High Notes has hope, disappointment, perseverance, friendship, and love.  The High Notes is a touching tale with barroom ballads, truck tunes, taxing tours, punishing promoters, a big break, a moving melody, and a special surprise.

You can find The High Notes on Amazon*.  Danielle Steel has The Whittiers coming out on November 22, Worthy Opponents on March 7, and The Wedding Planner on May 2.  You can follow Danielle Steel on Amazon and they will send you an email when she has a new book coming out.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I have been busy as a bee working on my outdoor Halloween decorations.  I just have to get one or two more things done and it shall be complete.  I will share some pictures when I am done.  Tomorrow I am featuring An Amish Proposal for Christmas by Vannetta Chapman.  It is the first book in the Indiana Amish Market series.  I hope that you have a joyful day.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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