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The Story of Love by Beth Wiseman

 The Story of Love
Book Summary

They come from different backgrounds . . . But are they destined to write a new chapter together?

With little left to tie her to her home state of Texas and yearning for a slower life, Yvonne Wilson jumps at the chance to shake things up with a move to Montgomery, Indiana. A dream job awaits her—managing an Amish bookstore for her good friends Jake and Eva. Besides the slow-paced setting and the comfort of beloved books, Yvonne hopes the change will help distract her from the emptiness she feels after the death of her fiancé.

Amish bookstore (no electricity)

No longer a part of the Amish community but still a resident of Montgomery, Abraham Byler finds himself in over his head with his job as a police officer combined with a new but fast-moving relationship with the wealthy and aggressive New York native Brianna Stone. When Abraham realizes that his old crush Yvonne is back in town, he’s not just in over his head—he suddenly finds himself head over heels for Yvonne—and in hot water with Brianna.

When the violence of police work comes up against his pacifist upbringing, Abraham is forced to question his original decision to leave the Amish faith for his career. Meanwhile, Yvonne is asking her own questions about why she feels such a deep peace in Montgomery—and how much that feeling has to do with Abraham and how much has to do with the workings of her own heart.

My Thoughts

The Story of Love by Beth Wiseman was a delight to read. It is the second book in The Amish Bookstore Novels.  It can be read as a standalone, but you will get the bigger picture if you read The Bookseller’s Promise first.  I thought The Story of Love was well-written with relatable characters.  I enjoyed getting to know Yvonne and Abraham.  I am glad the author gave Yvonne her own story.  We met her in the first book, but we really get to know her in this one.  Abraham grew up Amish, but he decided to not become baptized.  He joined the police force which is a very un-Amish profession.  I loved that we get to catch up with Eva and Jake from The Bookseller’s Promise.  Eva is such a lively character.  

Blue Heeler
The Story of Love has mystery, suspense, and romance.  I especially enjoyed the mystery (I love solving a whodunit).  There are some touching moments, especially with Yvonne and the dog who decided her porch was his new home.  I like that Christmas is shown in a different light.  We get to see Yvonne experience her first Christmas as a Christian.  She gets to experience the true meaning of the season.  I also liked that the gifts given were useful and homemade.  The author’s word imagery had me feeling the cold of Indiana.  I could just imagine Yvonne shivering inside the farmhouse.  I loved Yvonne’s delight with the falling snow (wait until her first blizzard).  The story is told from three points-of-view:  Yvonne, Abraham, and Brianna.  Brianna is the woman Abraham is dating when Yvonne moves to Montgomery, Indiana.  We get to see how jealousy can affect a person.  Sometimes the green-eyed monster can make an individual do things they would not normally do.  I like how the various storylines all worked together in this book (so much going on).  There is some repetition of details (how Yvonne lost her fiancé, failed to write Abraham back, Abraham is dating Yvonne).  I loved the ending which left me smiling.  The Story of Love is a book that I stayed up very late to finish.  I am eager to read Hopefully Ever AfterThe Story of Love is a captivating Amish tale with wintry weather, a dirty dog, a pair’s rough relationship, crafting presents, telling traces, and a cheerful Christmas.  

The Story of Love will be out Tuesday, October 10 and it can be preordered from Amazon*.  The first book in The Amish Bookstore Novels is The Bookseller's Promise.  The third novel in The Amish Bookstore Novels is Hopefully Ever After which will be out on April 18, 2023.  You can find Beth Wiseman's other novels here.  Thank you so much for dropping by today.  Next time I am featuring On the Way to Christmas by Sheila Roberts, Melissa Fergusson, and Amy Clipston.  


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