Friday, October 21, 2022

The Schoolmistress by Maggie Sullivan

 The Schoolmistress
Book Summary

A brand new historical saga series from the hugely popular author of the Coronation Street series!

Our Street at War takes an ordinary street during wartime and peeps inside at the life of the residents, full nostalgia and compelling storylines, this series is must for fan of Elaine Everest, Nancy Revell and Ellie Dean.

My Thoughts

The Schoolmistress by Maggie Sullivan is the second book in Our Street at War series.  You can read The Schoolmistress as a standalone, but it will take you a couple of chapters to get into the story (to get to know the characters and find out what is happening in their lives).  The POV switches between several different female characters.  I like Maggie Sullivan’s writing style.  It is warm and friendly.  It made The Schoolmistress easy to read.  In The Schoolmistress we travel to Greenhill, Lancashire, England in March of 1940.  We get to meet several different women who live in Greenhill.  Vicky Parrott from The Postmistress is in this story too along with Sylvia Barker, Violet Pegg (the local schoolmistress), Ruby Bowdon, Tilly McFadden, and Claire Gold (Sylvia’s niece).  I found the characters to be realistic and relatable.  These women are dealing with the war just in a different way from the men fighting abroad.  I enjoyed getting to know the characters and learn about their lives.  There are ups and downs just like real life.  There were some unexpected revelations for a couple of the women.  There is romance as well as heartbreak.  The ladies’ story does not end with The Schoolmistress.  We will have to wait for the next installment of Our Street at War to find out what happens next.   The Schoolmistress is a heartwarming tale with a war wedding, uplifting letters, a startling revelation, increased rationing, a fight between friends, and a new undertaking.

The Schoolmistress is available from Amazon*.  The first book in Our Street at War series is The Postmistress.  You can follow Maggie Sullivan on Amazon in order to receive an email when she has a new book coming out.  Thank you for joining me today.  I will return on Monday with Photo Finished by Christin Brecher.  It is the debut of A Snapshot of NYC Mysteries.  I hope that you have a peaceful weekend.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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