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Happily Ever Amish by Shelley Shepard Gray

 Happily Ever Amish
Book Summary 

Addie Byler may be Apple Creek’s resident wallflower, but she knows she has a lot to offer—and much to be grateful for. Raised by her loving grandmother, she lives a life filled with good friends and hard work. Wary of romance, Addie assumes no man will look beyond her glasses and her tendency to talk to her rescue donkey, Snickers—until the day she finds a note from a secret admirer. A prank, most likely. But then, a second note arrives . . .
It’s not that Daniel Miller doesn’t like Addie, he just doesn’t want to court her. She’s too willful, too chatty, too odd. Yet when he learns she’s been teased because she’s never had a beau, he decides to send a little note of encouragement. One note leads to another. And when Addie begins replying with thoughtful messages of her own, he’s struck by her sweetness and warmth.
As chilly winter melts into spring, what began as a gesture of sympathy becomes something much deeper. Daniel fears revealing the truth, but with courage, faith—and a helping hand from their close-knit community—Apple Creek’s most unlikely couple may find their path to happiness . . .

My Thoughts

Happily Ever Amish by Shelley Shepard Gray is the beginning of The Amish of Apple Creek series.  It is a sweet story.  I enjoyed getting to know Addie Byler and Daniel Miller.  Addie has never felt like she fit into the community of Apple Creek.  Her mother left her with her grandparents when she was four years old.  Addie is now nineteen and takes care of her grandmother.  She has a donkey that is a therapy animal (it is a real thing).  People find her odd because she talks to her donkey, but they are unaware that Snickers is a smart and intuitive donkey.  Daniel takes notice of Addie at a couple’s engagement party.  He did not like the comments his friends were making.  He decided to send her a note signed “secret admirer.”  Daniel wanted to boost Addie’s confidence.  They correspond for a few weeks until Daniel accidentally drops one of Addie’s envelopes in front of her.  The secret is out, and Daniel needs to show Addie that he was sincere.

I like Shelley Shepard Gray’s writing style.  It is friendly and draws the reader into the story.  I thought the characters were realistic and relatable.  I can relate to Addie’s feelings of being different and not fitting in.  We get to watch Daniel and Addie learn more about themselves.  This enabled to figure out what they wanted.  I found Addie’s grandmother to be a spunky woman who was well-respected in the community.  I like that the author featured the lost art of letter writing.  It does not have the instant gratification of texts.  Letters, though, can provide a way for people to express their feelings and for people to get to know one another.  Happily Ever Amish had moments that made me smile and others that make you sad.  I was rooting for Daniel and Addie.  Addie’s story is one that will resonate with many people.  I am looking forward to reading Once Upon a Buggy next spring.  Happily Ever Amish is a tender tale with a good-natured grandmother, clandestine letters, cruel rumors, a prolix preacher, a darling donkey, and an exposed secret.

Happily Ever Amish is available from Amazon*.  The next novel in The Amish of Apple Creek is Once Upon a Buggy which will be released on March 28, 2023.  Shelley Shepard Gray has Christmas at the Amish Market coming out November 8.  You can find the author's other novels here.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  A few of the other novels that came out today are:  Photo Finished by Christin Brecher, The Plot Thickets by Julia Henry, High Spirits by Carol J. Perry, A Doomful of Sugar by Catherine Bruns, The Amish Quiltmaker's Unconventional Niece by Jennifer Beckstrand, and A Trip with Trouble by Diane Kelly.  I am heading off to a doctor's appointment today.  I will return tomorrow with A Trip with Trouble by Diane Kelly.  It is the second A Mountain Lodge Mystery.  I hope you day is a happy one.  Take care and Happy Reading!


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