Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dog Gone Ghost: A Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Novella

Greetings!  I hope you have had a good Thursday.  I got sweeping done today.  When you have dogs, you need to sweep frequently. Or, you have dog fur dust bunnies swirling across the floor!  Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox was released today.  It is a part of The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  The other books in the series are Southern Spirits (currently free on Amazon), The Skeleton in the Closet, The Haunted Heist, A Ghostly Gift (novella), Ghost of a Chance (novella) and Deader Homes and Gardens (which is now available in audiobook form).  You can connect with Angie Fox on Facebook , follow her on Amazon, and get more details about her novels on her website.

Dog Gone Ghost by Angie Fox is the latest short story (Book 4.5) in The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  Verity Long is trying to teach her pet skunk, Lucy to walk outside using an adorable gingham harness and matching leash.  Unfortunately, the training is not going well.  It does not help that Lucy is afraid of Frankie, the resident 20s gangster ghost.  Verity is trying to coax Lucy out from the woodpile when she is approached by Bree LaMont. Bree works at the Sugarland Animal Sanctuary.  Recently, someone has started letting the animals out of their cages at night.  Bree would like Verity to use her ghost hunting abilities, but she is unable to pay her.  Verity agrees to trade leash training for ghost hunting.  Everyone is happy except Frankie, who prefers cold hard cash.  It takes a little convincing, but Verity finally gets Frankie to agree to assist.  Later that night, Verity, Lucy and Frankie head to the sanctuary.  In solving the sanctuary’s problem, Verity will also get answers on what happened to a little boy who disappeared a decade ago.  Join Verity, Frankie and Lucy on their latest caper in Dog Gone Ghost.

Dog Gone Ghost is just delightful.  It will make you laugh out loud, and you might even shed a tear.  I found Dog Gone Ghost to be well-written, easy to read, and to have a fast pace.  This book (actually the series) has loveable characters that you want to revisit again and again.  I give Dog Gone Ghost 5 out of 5 stars.  Dog Gone Ghost is a short story, but it is a delightful addition to The Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries.  While Dog Gone Ghost can be read alone, I suggest you read all the books in this highly engaging series.  Frankie, his friends and antics are a constant source of amusement.  I cannot wait for Sweet Tea and Spirits (the next book in the series) to come out this spring.

I am off to finish The Amish Cooking Class:  The Seekers by Wanda E. Brunstetter and eat dinner.  A new show starts tonight on The CW.  It is called Riverdale (it is up against Scandal).  I hope all of you have a delightful night.  I will see you tomorrow when I return to review another new novel.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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