Sunday, September 2, 2018

Christmas Angels: The Lovely Lane Series

Good Day!  I hope you are enjoying a nice long holiday weekend (if you live in the United States).  Read and Gone by Allison Brook will be available on September 11.  It is the second novel A Haunted Library Mystery series.  I will be featuring Fatal Flip by M.E. Bakos on September 13.  It is the first A Home Renovator Mystery.   

Christmas Angels by Nadine Dorries is the fourth book in The Lovely Lane Series.  We go back in time to the 1950s in Liverpool, England at St. Angelus Hospital.  Sister Aileen Paige has just been promoted to a ward sister.  Work is the bright spot in her life thanks to her spiteful mother, Marion Paige.  PC Freddie Watts finds a six month old boy abandoned and rushes the ill child to the hospital for treatment.  When Dr. Walker writes “no further treatment” on the little tykes’ chart, the staff is dismayed.  They need to find a way to save the little boy they have dubbed Baby Louis while Dr. Walker is out of town.  Sister Olive Tapps’s ward is closing for Christmas to give her a much deserved vacation, but it is the last thing she wants.  She is determined to find a way to stay at her beloved hospital for the holidays.  Pammy, Beth and Emily want Aileen Paige’s ward to win the best decorated ward contest.  They are trying to fit in their design preparations in between ward duties, but an emergency might derail their plans.  Will the nurses be able to provide a lovely Christmas for their patients?  Join the ladies at St. Angelus Hospital to see how things play out in Christmas Angels. 

Christmas Angels is a heartwarming novel.  I recommend reading the books in The Lovely Lane Series in order.  Each book in this series builds upon the previous one.  Christmas Angels is well-written with a gentle pace (suits the book) which makes for a pleasing book to read.  Nadine Dorries captures the era and hospital setting.    England was different from America after World War II.  Rationing was still in effect with many items unavailable. She crafted characters that readers care about and want to know what happens to next.  Christmas Angels features Aileen Page.  It was nice to find out more about her.  She has a rough life courtesy of her horrid mother, Marion Paige.  I found Christmas Angels to be an emotional novel with high moments that will have you smiling and low moments that will have you tearing up (have a tissue handy).  Nursing was very different in the 1950s where nurses had to wear a certain uniform, behave in a certain manner, and there was a strict hierarchical structure. Christmas Angels is an engaging story that will grab your attention from the first page and hold it until you read the very last word.  I am eager for the next installment in The Lovely Lane series.

The first three books in The Lovely Lane series are The Angels of Lovely Lane, The Children of Lovely Lane and The Mothers of Lovely Lane.  You will find the books on the Kindle Unlimited Program.  I will return tomorrow with my review of The Trouble with Truth by Kathy Krevat.  I hope you have a relaxing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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  1. Thank you for the review! All of these books sound amazing, I am adding them to my list on Amazon :)