Friday, September 28, 2018

Silver Anniversary Murder: A Lucy Stone Mystery

Good Day!  Spirit of the Witch by Deanna Chase is the third book in the Witches of Keating Hollow series and it is now available for purchase.  Legacy of Mercy by Lynn Austin comes out on October 2 along with Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber.

Silver Anniversary Murder by Leslie Meier is the twenty-fifth A Lucy Stone Mystery.  Lucy Stone lives in Tinker’s Cove, Maine with her husband, Bill along with two of her daughters and their dog, Libby.  The town is surprised when Sylvia Bickford announces that she and her husband, Warren will renew their vows for their twenty-fifth anniversary. The nickname for the couple is the “Bickersons”.   It has been turned into a town wide events called Silver Anniversary Weekend.  Lucy thinks back on her wedding and her maid-of-honor, Beth Gerard.  She decides to give her a call and is surprised when Dante, Beth’s son answers the phone.  Lucy is shocked when Dante tells her that Beth is dead.  Beth plummeted to her death from her penthouse apartment in New York City and the police have ruled it a suicide.  Lucy does not believe her adventurous and full of life friend would commit suicide.  Lucy rents an Airnb and heads to New York to get answers.  She begins her investigation by questioning Beth’s four ex-husbands to see who had a motive.  Someone is not happy with Lucy’s questions and takes desperate measures to silence her.  Will Lucy make it home to Tinker’s Cove?

I have read every single book in A Lucy Stone Mystery series.  I discovered the series one day in my local library and quickly devoured the series.  I look forward to reading each new Lucy Stone book when they are published.  It has been a pleasure to see Lucy and her family change as the years go by.  Her children are now grown, but Sarah and Zoe are still living at home while they attend college.  Silver Anniversary Murder is easy to read with a steady pacing, but it missed the mark for me.  I can understand getting Lucy out of Tinker’s Cove (before it becomes known as murder central), but the author should have made it a girls’ weekend in the city (Lucy and her three close friends). I did enjoy learning more about Lucy’s younger years as she explored New York.  Lucy did not seem like herself in Silver Anniversary Murder.  Then there was a jealous Bill, the odd situation with the cult, an anxious Lucy, and the Bickersons.  The mystery was light, and it was rushed at the end.  The whodunit needed more work.  The way it was handled at the end made it seem like the author had reached the maximum number of pages for the book and she had to wrap it quickly.  I did not understand the addition of the cult to the story (nor what happened with Lucy (I am trying not to give away any of the plot).  I liked that Lucy was watching one of my favorite shows Call the Midwife (I wish there were more shows like this one).  My rating for Silver Anniversary Murder is 3 out of 5 stars.  Silver Anniversary Murder is a book for fans of the series only.  I suggest newcomers begin with Mistletoe Murder (on Amazon the Kindle version is currently $1.99).  While I was not enamored with Silver Anniversary Murder, it will not stop me from picking up the next A Lucy Stone Mystery.

I appreciate you joining me today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Delayed Justice by Cara C. Putman as part of the Celebrate Lit Tour.  It is the third book the Hidden Justice Series which will be published on October 16.  I hope you have a captivating day.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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  1. Good review! Sometimes authors have to try something new. It works sometimes to add a new angle or life to characters/stories. And I guess it doesn't work some other times!

    1. For someone who has never read the Lucy stories will I be lost?