Friday, September 21, 2018

Hitting the Books: A Library Lovers Mystery

Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay is the ninth book A Library Lover’s Mystery series.  Lindsey Norris is the library director for Briar Creek Public Library in Briar Creek, Connecticut.  Linsey is tired from a late night of reading so during crafternoon she finds herself staring out the window (and avoiding holding a baby).  She sees Theresa Huston, a local tennis coach, get hit by a car that then speeds away.  The same car almost hits Charlie Peyton outside the Blue Anchor.  Theresa ends up with a broken leg three weeks before her wedding to Larry Milstein.  The car belonged to Kayla Manning who had reported it stolen. The pilfered car is later found with borrowed library materials inside.  Before Lindsey can discover who checked out the items, Theresa is attacked in her home.  Someone is determined to do away with the bride-to-be.  Lindsey delves into the library records in hopes of discovering the identity of the guilty party.  The killer makes another attempt which sends Lindsey into overdrive to unravel the clues and expose the predator.  Will Theresa make it to her wedding?

Jenn McKinlay never fails to deliver an entertaining cozy mystery.  I have read every book in this series and look forward to the latest release each year.  It is like visiting old friends when I pick up A Library Lover’s Mystery.  Hitting the Books could be read as a standalone, but I believe it would be beneficial to read Books Can Be Deceiving first.  It is the first novel in A Library Lover’s Mystery series and it will give you the background on the characters.  I thought Hitting the Books was well-written with a nice, steady pace. Briar Creek is a welcoming small town with pleasant townspeople.   Lindsey Norris is a smart, friendly and caring woman who is the head librarian for Briar Creek.  Her best friend and children’s librarian, Beth is a woman who really loves her job.  I like the various costumes she wears to entertain the children’s during story time (she is clever).  Lindsey and Captain Mike Sullivan are now living together, and it is an adjustment.  I can understand Lindsey not enjoying Mike’s cheery whistling so early in the morning (that would be annoying).  I felt there was too much time devoted to the romance, but I like seeing this pair together.  Lindsey is worried about the future (marriage, kids) and needs to work through a few concerns.  The mystery was intriguing.  There are good clues that will aid readers in solving the crime before the solution is revealed.  My rating for Hitting the Books is 4 out of 5 stars.  The ending will have fans of the series smiling.  Hitting the Books has friendly characters, a charming town, a cozy library, a perplexing mystery, a sweet romance and a cute dog.

Jenn McKinlay also writes A Cupcake Bakery Mystery series and The Hat Shop Mystery series (which I just love and was disappointed it was canceled).  Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I will feature Priscilla's Escape by Diane Craver tomorrow.  Third book in The Bishop's Daughters series.  Have a lovely day and Happy Reading!

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