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An Amish Cookie Club Courtship by Sarah Price

An Amish Cookie Club Courtship

Book Summary

An Amish Cookie Club Courtship by Sarah Price has Edna Esh getting coerced by her friend, Wilma into hiring her twin daughters Rachel and Ella Mae.  Edna serves a mid-day meal to Englischers during the tourist season in Shipshewana, Indiana.  Edna has resisted hiring Rachel and Ella Mae in the past because the twins bicker constantly which would be a turn off to her guests and a headache for Edna.  Wilma wants to marry off her last two daughter’s and hopes they will take a shine to Edna’s unmarried sons Jeremiah and Jonas.  As predicted, the twins squabbling is getting on Edna’s nerves and she is forced to separate them.  After Edna’s son, Jonas begins hanging around the kitchen, she notices a difference.  Edna decides to help along the matchmaking efforts by finding ways for the two couples to spend time alone together.  She feels that Rachel and Jonas would be a good match and pairs Ella Mae with Jeremiah since their temperaments are similar.  What Edna is unaware of is that Rachel has taken a liking to Jeremiah and Jonas has been finding way to be with Ella Mae.  Which pairing does God have in mind?  

My Thoughts

An Amish Cookie Club Courtship by Sarah Price is the 3rd installment in The Amish Cookie Club series.  Each book can be read as a standalone, but they are entertaining to read as a whole.  I was drawn right away into this humorous Amish tale.  Edna Esh is a busy woman with her family and home to take care of plus fixing the noon meal for Englischers three days a week during the tourist season as well as baking cookies to sell at Yoder’s and MayFest fast approaching (which means more cookies).  I felt bad for Edna when her friend, Wilma Schwartz pressures her into hiring her twin daughters to assist her with the meals.  Edna can use the help, but she cannot stand the twins constant sniping at each other.  The Amish Cookie Club as the four ladies are called who bake the cookies have done a little matchmaking in the past with the latest success story being Edna’s son, John and Mary’s daughter, Bethany who are expecting their first child.  Wilma is hoping her twin daughters will take a liking to Edna’s two sons, Jonas and Jeremiah.  I laughed often while reading this story.  I felt bad for Edna having to endure the bickering going on between Rachel and Ella Mae.  I thought it was funny that the twins are not even aware that they do it.  These ladies have spent too much time at home with each other for company.  Jonas was a lively character.  He likes to tease, goad, and play pranks.  It would take the right woman to deal with Jonas.  I liked how we got to see different sides of Jonas, Jeremiah, Rachel, and Ella Mae.  That what you see in the beginning is not all there is to a person.  People have hidden depths.  An Amish Cookie Club Courtship is a wonderful escapist novel.  It was just what I needed this week.  I hope there will be another story in The Amish Cookie Club series.  An Amish Cookie Club Courtship is a diverting Amish tale with a colossal number of cookies, Mayfest madness, squabbling siblings, a bonus building, and mother’s playing matchmaker.  

An Amish Cookie Club Courtship publishes October 27 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon*.  The other two novels in The Amish Cookie Club series are The Amish Cookie Club and An Amish Cookie Club Christmas. You can find more novels by Sarah Price here. The pictures I included today show Amish women baking like the ladies in our story and the MayFest annual buggy race in Shipshewana, Indiana.  Edna is busy baking cookies with her friends for MayFest plus hosting Englischer dinners. Rachel gets a chance to experience MayFest in the story.  Thank you so much for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am showcasing Gear, Grills, and Guns by Tonya Kappes.  It is the 13th A Camper & Criminals Cozy Mystery.  I hope that you have a productive day.  I am still cleaning and sorting at my house.  If in doubt, throw it out has become my new mantra.  My mother is getting better at letting go of things we have not used in many, many years.  I am off to sort through yarn.  I have six totes of it in a closet (my stash).  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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