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Saddled with Murder by Eileen Brady

 Saddled with Murder by Eileen Brady

Book Summary

Saddled with Murder by Eileen Brady has Dr. Kate Turner in Oak Falls, New York working at the Oak Falls Animal Hospital while the regular vet takes a year long cruise.  At the clinics staff Christmas party, they are asked to reveal their secret selfish holiday wish.  Kate is feeling a little naughty when she wishes that two of their disgruntled clients would disappear.  Unfortunately, Kate’s assistant catches it on video and posts it online.  The next day, Kate and Mari stop by Frank Martindale’s house (one of the discontented clients) to drop off medication for his cat.  They find him dead in his living room.  Within a short amount of time, the second client named in the wish also dies.  Is it a coincidence or is someone making Kate’s wishes come true?  

My Thoughts

Saddled with Murder by Eileen Brady is the beginning of A Dr. Kate Vet Mysteries.  However, I discovered it is a spin-off of Kate Turner DVM Mysteries (no clue why the change).  Dr. Kate Turner has taken a yearlong assignment in Oak Falls, New York.  This job gets her away from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Jeremy which she appreciates, but she does not like the distance from her grandfather.  I thought Saddled with Murder was easy to read.  I like the authors conversational writing style.  There are a variety of secondary characters from Kate’s co-workers, clients, and townspeople like Pinky.  I like the clinic staff and how they deal with their animal clientele.  I would take my fur babies to this clinic.  Kate makes a reckless (and naughty) wish at the clinic’s employee Christmas party that she regrets the moment she does it.  She had no idea that Mari recorded the event and accidentally uploaded it with the video of the litterbox cake she created.  When the two malcontented clients Kate wished would disappear die unexpectedly, Kate is a little suspicious.  At first blush, the cases do not appear to be the cause of foul play.  But then the Christmas cards arrive stating that her wish had come true.  The video goes viral and people begin to wonder if Kate is a witch.  Kate has no choice but to investigate so she can clear her name.  There are a couple of suspects including a glaring red herring.  I found it a cinch to solve the whodunit, but I have been reading cozy mysteries for over twenty years.  Kate is also dealing with a long-distance boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend who wants her back, and her father who would like to reunite.  It is a difficult holiday season for Kate Turner, but she is fortunate to have good friends and her Gramps.  I enjoyed reading Saddle with Murder and I look forward to the next A Dr. Kate Vet Mystery.  Saddled with Murder has discontented customers, wacky wishes, a viral video, a bothersome ex-beau, long distance afflictions, the holiday ho-hums, and good-hearted Gramps. 

Saddled with Murder publishes October 27 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon*.  A Dr. Kate Vet Mysteries is a spin-off from Kate Turner DVM Mysteries.  Thank you for reading my review today.  Tomorrow I am featuring An Angel's Work by Kate Eastham.  I have more purging and sorting to do.  It is endless.  I should do this more than every twenty years.  I hope that you have a friendly day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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