Saturday, October 17, 2020

It's That Time of Year by Roisin Meaney

Book Summary

It’s That Time of Year by Roisin Meaney has Annie getting married on her sixtieth birthday to longtime friend, Matt.  She has invited three of her former foster children to attend.  Out of all the children she fostered over the years, Annie felt compelled to invite Steph, Julia, and Eddie.  Julia is a famous singer and songwriter who lives in a luxury penthouse in Paris.  Eddie works as a chef in a restaurant in London while Steph lives with her writer boyfriend in Greece where they also host writers’ retreats.  Annie and Matt have known each other almost their whole lives.  Matt has always been there for Annie when she needed him.  It is only now in their twilight years that their friendship has blossomed into a romantic love.  As the wedding weekend progresses, the three special guests do some long put off thinking and make some startling discoveries.  What does the future hold for Steph, Eddie, and Julia? 

My Thoughts

It’s That Time of Year by Roisin Meaney takes readers to Ireland where a special wedding will take place.  Annie will be turning sixty years old and marrying her longtime friend, Matt on the same day. I enjoy reading stories where the characters find love later in their life (it gives me hope). It’s That Time of Year gives us Annie’s story along with that of Steph, Julia, and Eddie.  It switches between Annie’s present life and what led up to her wedding to Matt.  It takes us back to when Annie went off to college to become a teacher and how her journey toward that goal got diverted.  We also get the story from Steph, Eddie, and Julia’s point-of-view.  We learn how each of them came to live with Annie and what happened to them after they left her house.  With the switching around of POV and time-period, I found it difficult to get into this book.  I read the book, but I never became immersed in the story.  There are some longwinded descriptions (like those regarding food) that were unneeded, and the pacing is varied. While I found the story lacking in some areas, there were some good sections.   I enjoyed the depictions of Ireland as well as the humor interspersed throughout the tale.  I like how Annie rolled with the punches on her wedding day.  There is fun and festive celebrating while everyone rejoices in Annie and Matt’s nuptials.   It’s That Time of Year is a sweet, heartwarming story about love, secrets, and second chances.

It's That Time of Year is available through Amazon*.  You can find Roisin Meaney's other novels here.  Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my review.  I always suggest you download a sample or read a sample online to see if the book will suit you.  Tomorrow I am featuring For Whom the Book Tolls by Laura Gail Black.  It is the first book in An Antique Bookshop Mystery series.  I am off to clear out our shed.  It is stuffed to the gills.  I need to clear it out so I can stuff new junk in it. I hope you have a cheerful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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