Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Death Long Overdue by Eva Gates

 Book Summary

A Death Long Overdue by Eva Gates returns us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina where Charlene Clayton and Lucy Richardson have been working on a history of North Carolina libraries exhibit as a surprise for Bertie James, the director of the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library.  It is Bertie’s 40th college reunion and the opening reception for their reunion weekend is being held at the library.  Charlene, Ronald, Lucy, and Louise Jane have offered to work the party for Bertie.  The ladies are having a lovely time catching up when Helena Sanchez arrives.  Helena was the library director before Bertie.  When Bertie heard Helena was in town, she invited her to attend so she could see the exhibit.  Lucy can tell that several of the women are unhappy with Helena’s presence.  After the party, a group of them go walking along the boardwalk where Louise Jane entertains them with ghostly tales.  The evening comes to an abrupt halt when Helena is found floating in the water.  There is no shortage of people who disliked Helena.  Lucy needs to figure out who disliked the former library director enough to kill her after so many years. 

My Thoughts

A Death Long Overdue by Eva Gates is the 7th A Lighthouse Library Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend reading this charming series in order.  The author has created a great cast of characters which includes Lucy, Connor, Bertie, Charlene, Ronald, Aunt Ellen, Josie, and Charles.  They feel like old friends.  I like catching up with all of them even Louise Jane.  The Bodie Island Lighthouse Library is a magical place.  I can envision the library thanks to the authors vivid word imagery.  I just love Lucy’s adorable little apartment.  The mystery was intriguing.  I thought it was well-plotted with interesting details. There are a variety of suspects along with good clues and a red herring or two.  It was fun following along in the investigation and seeing how it all came together.  I enjoyed the library exhibit that included a card catalog, library withdrawal cards (the card you signed when you checked out the book), and a Commodore 64 (I had a Commodore 64C).  The ending will have fans of the series smiling (I wish I could say more but I do not want to spoil it for you).  A Death Long Overdue is a delightful cozy mystery with a card catalog, a discourteous former library director, a disrupted reunion, a curious cat, and a forbearing beau. 

A Death Long Overdue is available from Amazon* along with the other novels in A Lighthouse Library Mystery series.  The 8th A Lighthouse Library Mystery is Deadly Ever After which publishes May 11, 2021.  Eva Gates is a pseudonym for Vicki Delany who writes A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery series.  On January 12, 2021 A Curious Incident releases as the 6th book in that cozy mystery series.  Thank you for reading my review today.  I will be back tomorrow with Killer Spring Fling by Mollie Cox Bryan.  It is the 1st A Victoria Town Mystery  Novella.  I hope you have a joyful day.  I am off to sort through twenty years of stuff in one of my closets.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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