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The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd


Book Summary

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd takes us to 1820 in Pevlyn, Cornwall on the Wyndcliff Estate where Evelyn Bray has lived since she was eight years old.  Her grandfather, Rupert Bray became the steward to the estate after he lost Keverne Park.  The last ten years, Rupert Bray has run the estate without the landowner being present.  Liam Twethewey has reached majority and is eager to take the helm at Wyndcliff.  He has plans for clay pits on the moorland which will bring in some much needed revenue and allow him to make necessary repairs.  Liam is surprised when he learns that shipwrecks frequently happen along his stretch of property which has cargo washing ashore.  It seems that it can be a profitable venture if the laws are followed.  Liam is awakened during the night when there is a shipwreck in which the only survivors are a woman and her daughter.  The woman suffered a head injury which has affected her memory.  Liam feels there is something fishy about the wreck and has the survivors recover at Wyndcliff.  Liam needs Evelyn’s assistance to unravel the mystery surrounding the shipwrecks.  As the pair spend time together, romance begins to bloom.  Evelyn, though, has always planned to leave Wyndcliff and live in Plymouth with her mother.  The closer Liam gets to the truth, the more dangerous it is for those involved.  Can Liam and Evelyn expose the truth and live to tell the tale?

My Thoughts

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd is the 3rd installment in The Cornwall Novels.  Each book in the series can be read as a standalone.  I thought The Light at Wyndcliff was well-written with developed characters.  The main characters as well as the major secondary characters have depth.  I appreciated that the author took the time to do this.  There are vivid descriptions of the estate, the moorland, town, and coastline.  It allowed me to visualize the scenes.  Liam Twethewey is a strong, male character.  He was eager to take over the Wyndcliff Estate and make changes that would benefit the estate as well as the tenants.  He may have made some unpopular decisions, but Liam knew they were the right ones to make.  Evelyn Bray grew up in a discordant household with her mother unhappy and at odds with her grandfather, Rupert Bray.  The mother liked the lavish lifestyle, and she was never going to be content until she got it back.  I found myself yelling at Evelyn to stand up for herself and make her own decisions.  It was interesting to learn about the china clay pits and how they extracted the clay from the ground.  I also found it fascinating to learn about the shipwrecks and the laws regarding the recovery of cargo.  I could tell the author did her research for this story.  I was shocked at how people would rush to grab the goods without concern for the crew floundering in the water.  I like how the story wrapped up and the epilogue that provided a complete ending.  The Cornwall Novels was a wonderful series with a great conclusion.  The Light at Wyndcliff is a unique Regency tale with the rocky Cornish coastline, suspicious shipwrecks, the clay pit project, shocking secrets, a gallant gentleman, a guarded grandfather, and the striking steward’s granddaughter.  

The Light at Wyndcliff is available from Amazon*.  The other two books in The Cornwall Novels are The Governess at Penwythe Hall and The Thief of Lanwyn Manor.  You can find Sarah E. Ladd's other Regency novels here.  If you like Regency novels, you cannot go wrong with Sarah E. Ladd.  The pictures I included today show a manor home in Cornwall (similar to Liam Twethewey's Wyndcliff Estate) and a china clay pit in Cornwall (which is what Liam was establishing on estate).  Thank you for visiting today.  Tomorrow I am reviewing A Haven for Her Heart by Susan Anne Mason.  It is the first book in Redemption's Light series.  I hope that you have a peaceful day.  Take care, be kind, and Happy Reading!


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