Sunday, September 20, 2015

All Fall Down

It is National Punch Day!  They have something for every single day!  Now a punch can be the drink, a hit with a fist, or the crafting tool (there are also leather punches, etc.).  Since I like crafting, I am sticking with craft punches!  I have dozens of them (I am serious).

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner is a book about a wife, mother, and blogger that gets addicted to pain killers.  Allison Weiss (almost 40) is a wife to Dave, a reporter for the Philadelphia Examiner.  They have a daughter Eloise (they call her Ellie) who is extremely sensitive (doctor’s diagnosis).  Everything is too loud, too rough, or harsh for the little girl.  Ellie also has attitude issues.  She acts out in public, yells when talking, and definitely likes to get her way (or temper tantrum time).  Allison was originally a stay-at-home mom, but then she was hired to be a writer for the blog  Allison writes stories about marriage and motherhood.  Dave is at work most of the time or training for a marathon (instead of spending time with the family he is “training” on the weekends).  Allison’s father has Alzheimer’s and her mother is having difficulty coping.  Her father always took care of her mother (took care of finances, they had a housekeeper, and she does not even drive).  Now Allison is having to help her mother in addition to her responsibilities.

Allison hurt her back working out at the gym and her doctor gave her some painkillers.  That was the beginning of her addiction.  They meds helped her get through the day and also helped her writing (she became bolder with her writing).   It starts out with one or two pills a day (she has them in little Altoid’s tins), then two pills at a time, and then five or six a day (Oxy, Vicodin, and Percocet).  Allison was doctor shopping (going to various doctors to get multiple pain prescriptions).  Then Allison discovers a web site where she can get the meds without needing a prescription (how handy).  Allison was up to over 600 milligrams a day of Oxycodone when her functioning became impaired (with the help of a glass of wine).  She goes to pick up Ellie at school and is stopped by a teacher (a teacher monitors the pickup line at Ellie’s school), Allison knows she needs to do something.  She contacts a doctor who gives her Suboxone (it takes care of pain without the opiates).  Allison ends up in the hospital.  Will she get the help she needs or will she lose everything?

All Fall Down tells of how she got addicted and what happens after her addiction is discovered.  I found it to be an interesting story and well written (the author has a good writing style).  One thing that is odd is Allison’s lack of emotions.  She is more matter of fact.  You do not feel her love for her husband or daughter.  I expected more emotion especially during the second half of the book.  We do not get much detail on the husband.  His character is also very different in the last half of the book.  Davie is made out to be distant and uninvolved (especially with daughter), then he completely changes (it was odd).   However, the book had me hooked, and I stayed up late to find out what happened to Allison.  I give All Fall Down 3.75 out of 5 stars.  I did not like the ending.  It was abrupt and leaves the reader with questions.  I wish the author had included an epilogue.  One thing I do wish to comment on is the mention of Suboxone in the book.  This book makes the drug out to be for junkies (it helps them get off heroine), but it does have other (better) uses.  It can be used to treat pain (real, legitimate pain).  It takes care of the pain without the use of opiates that make a person high.  It is such a wonderful drug and helpful for people who are allergic to other narcotics (like Oxy, Percocet, Vicodin, and Fentanyl).  I will get off my soapbox now!

I won a copy of All Fall Down from Goodreads First Reads Program.  

I am currently reading The Paradise of Glass by Petra Durst-Benning. What are you reading?  I am always looking for new books.  Have a lovely Sunday afternoon and Happy Reading!

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