Friday, September 18, 2015

Her Final Breath

Happy Read an Ebook Day!  I love ebooks.  I think the Kindle is one of the best inventions.  The print is so small in paperback books and difficult for me to read (I have had bad eyesight since I was seven years old).  I can make the print any size I need it with a Kindle.  I can also make notes and highlight sections in a book as I read it (which is helpful for reviews). When we used to go away, I would pack so many books (I did not want to be without a book to read).  Now I just need my Kindle (I have hundreds of books at my fingertips). I saw a picture of the Kindle today.  It is bigger and thinner.  I like the idea of having a bigger screen. This one is ten inches!  I know what I want for Christmas!

Her Final Breath by Robert Dugoni is the second book in the Tracy Crosswhite series.  In the first book they mentioned the case of Nicole Hansen, a young woman that was killed in a motel.  The person had hog tied her so that if she relaxed, she strangled from the rope around her neck.  The A-Team of the Violent Crimes section was unable to solve the case (Tracy was working on her sister’s murder case at the time) and after a month their boss, Captain Johnny Nolasco moved the case to the Cold Case Unit.  Now Tracy Crosswhite and her team have another victim.  The killer is escalating. 

Tracy is also having trouble with her boss, Johnny Nolasco.  He is determined to get rid of Tracy while making himself look good (he has carried this vendetta for twenty years)!  He is setting Tracy up for failure with The Cowboy Killer case (as this guy has been dubbed).  Tracy is enjoying her relationship with Dan O’Leary.  He is still living in Cedar Grove, but he frequently drives to Seattle to spend time with Tracy.  Dan also gets involved in the Cowboy Killer case.  They have a case that was closed nine years earlier that could be related (Beth Stinson).  It was closed by Captain Johnny Nolasco and his partner who were known for cutting corners (and working the evidence to frame who they believed was the guilty party).  Tracy cannot work the case at work because of Captain Nolasco (he will not like it).  Dan starts questioning the witnesses and Wayne Gerhardt (who was convicted of the crime).  Can they find the killer in time?  How many more victims will there be before they catch the Cowboy Killer?

Her Final Breath was a good book.  It has a lot of twists and turns on the road to finding the killer.  However, the killer was very obvious.  I knew who it was from the moment the character was introduced (I avoided descriptive pronouns so there would not be a spoiler).  The writer did provide some great clues and wrote a good mystery.  I felt that Her Final Breath was a little long (it is longer than the first book and twice the length of a cozy mystery).  I think there could have been some editing to make it a better novel (a lot of descriptive paragraphs).  I give Her Final Breath 4.5 out of 5 stars (since I was able to solve the mystery).  Robert Dugoni is a very skilled writer and I look forward to his next book.  Her Final Breath is available on Kindle Unlimited.

I received a complimentary copy of Her Final Breath from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you so much for reading my book reviews.  I hope everyone is having a great Friday!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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