Friday, May 6, 2016

Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends

The first Friday of May.  We are experiencing some cooler weather in our area (in the 70s which is cool for us this time of year).  It is also Beverage Day!  A day to relax and enjoy your favorite drink.  In my case that is Pepsi!  It is also an opportunity to try something new.  It is also National Nurses Day (a part of Nurses Week).  A day to honor those men and women who help us in our time of need.  I know the nurses at my mother's various doctors are so kind and helpful. If you personally know a nurse, do something kind for them today.  Did you know about the Chunnel?  It is the under the English Channel at the Strait of Dover. People can cross on the EuroStar Train (instead of by plane or boat) in 30 minutes from England (Folkestone, Kent) to France (Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, near Calais in northern France).  The train can go 99 mph. The Chunnel opened on May 6, 1994.

Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends by Mary McHugh is the fourth book in A Happy Hoofers Mystery series.  This book is told in the first person from Pat Keeler’s point-of-view (each book is narrated by a different Hoofer).  Pat is a family therapist, who lives with her partner, Denise as well as Denise’s son, David.  The Happy Hoofers (Tina, Janice, Gini, Mary Louise, and Pat) are heading for a gig in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Copacabana Palace Hotel.  They arrive and meet their translator and guide, Maria Oliveira.  She will show them around Rio when they are not rehearsing or performing (or lounging by the pool).  Things are going well until Maria is found dead in her room.  Maria was poisoned.  Of course, the Hoofers have to investigate.  But this is just the beginning of the deaths.  The Happy Hoofers enjoy the sights, music, and food of Rio in between their dancing and investigating.  They are getting close to figuring it out when incidents start happening to Pat.  The killer does not wish to be caught.  Will the Happy Hoofers be able to find the killer and make it back to New Jersey?

Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends was just too silly for words.  There is more on the sights and foods of Rio than the mystery.  Then Pat ends up being kidnapped multiple times in one day (it was just ridiculous).  It also seemed like everyone on the hotel staff was having an affair or fling (it was like a bad soap opera).  This book can be a stand-alone because it does rehash what happened in the prior novels (the first book in the series was the best one).  I give Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends 2.5 out of 5 stars.  It was over-the-top in silliness.  This was just not my type of cozy mystery.  I prefer more focus on the mystery.  One thing that I found annoying was it seems that Janice Rogers (she is the actress) is some type of man magnet.  No matter where they go, she attracts all the men and dazzles them.  If she is that good, why is she not in Hollywood (or married to a very rich man)?  We get to catch up a little with the other Hoofers, but the main focus of the book in on Pat Keeler (who despite being in a wonderful relationship is attracted to someone else while in Rio).  The next book has the Happy Hoofers joining the Rockettes for their Christmas show and it will be narrated by Mary Louse.  Will I read it?  I’m not sure.  I would like to see what happens with Mary Louise.  Will she stay in her marriage or leave her husband (who seems to stay on a couch)?

The other books in A Happy Hoofer Mystery series are Chorus Lines, Caviar, and Corpses, Flamenco, Flan, and Fatalities, and Cancans, Croissants, and Caskets. I received a complimentary copy of Bossa Novas, Bikinis, and Bad Ends from NetGalley (and Kensington Books) in exchange for an honest review of the novel.

I hope all of you have a delightful Friday (and an even better weekend).  I am currently reading Dawn at Emberwilde by Sarah Ladd.  I am off to finally lay down and relax.  My mother had a last minute little project for me this afternoon (it took much longer than expected).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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