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Dawn at Emberwilde

Happy Eat What You Want Day!  Isn't that wonderful?  If you are on a diet, take a day off.  I am currently enjoying pink Sweetarts (I only like the pink ones).  I have been having plumbing problems for days.  I tried everything to clear the blockage.  I used Draino (the strongest one available), took a snake to the drains (got out part of the blockage), and took a high pressure hose to the drain (usually works).  Still blocked.  I finally had to call a plumber.  He had it cleared with his little machine in under 15 minutes.  Guess who has been flushing wipes down the toilet (and it is not me)?  They stuck on the roots that were also in the drain. The bill was $145 dollars for a 15 minute job.  I think I went into the wrong profession.  The plumber was very nice (a very polite and kind gentleman).  I am glad that I called Dunedin Plumbing (they arrived within two hours).  You do not realize how much you rely on water going down a drain until you do not have it!

Dawn at Emberwilde by Sarah E. Ladd is the second book in A Treasures of Surrey series.  Isabel Creston is twenty-years-old and a junior teacher at the Fellsworth School.  Isabel has been at the Fellsworth School since she was seven years old (after her mother died).  Two years ago, Isabel’s step-sister, Lizzie arrived after their father passed away (the step-mother did not want Isabel around).  Isabel is now Lizzie’s guardian.  Isabel is called into Mr. Langsby’s office (the school superintendent) to meet Mr. Edmund Bradford.  Mr. Bradford is at the school on behalf of Margaret Ellison, Isabel’s aunt (on her mother’s side).  They wish to open their home to Isabel (under any conditions which is good news for Lizzie).  Isabel does not really wish to leave the Fellsworth School.  It may not be ideal, but it is all she knows.  Unfortunately, Mr. Langsby does not give her a choice.  If Isabel does not accept her aunt’s offer, she will be thrown out (along with Lizzie).  So off they go to Emberwilde (the Ellison estate). This presents new opportunities for Isabel.  She can now marry and have a family of her own.  Her Aunt Margaret is not thrilled with Lizzie’s arrival (too bad).  Aunt Margaret immediately orders new dresses for the two of them and starts organizing Isabel’s entrance to society.  Aunt Margaret particularly praises Mr. Bradford and his work with the foundling home in Northrop. 

Colin Galloway is the local magistrate for Northrup.  He owns Darbenton Court (a nearby estate) and is also a lawyer.  Colin is a friend of Charles Ellison (Margaret’s husband).  Margaret cannot stand having him around.  She feels that Colin lead Freddie (their son) to his death (died during the war).  Margaret makes sure to criticize Isabel whenever she talks or looks at Colin (odd behavior from Aunt Margaret).  Colin is busy investigating smuggling going on in Emberwilde Forest.  Smuggling has been a serious problem lately and Colin is determined to catch the culprits.  Aunt Margaret keeps pushing Mr. Bradford encouraging his interest until he proposes.  But, Isabel does not trust Mr. Bradford.  What happens when Isabel turns down Mr. Bradford?  Why is Aunt Margaret determined to wed Isabel off to him?  Who is behind the smuggling?  You will have to read Dawn at Emberwilde to find out.

Dawn at Emberwilde is a lovely, Christian romance novel.  I liked the characters and the setting.  There seemed to be a lack of chemistry (between Colin and Isabel) for the romance portion of the book (you could tell they liked each other, but that was about it).  I enjoyed the two mysteries (I cannot help that I love puzzles), but they were simple and easy to figure out (good addition to the story though).  It is an easy book to read (and well written) and can be finished in a few hours.  The pace is a wee bit slow and it was hard to get into this story.  This is one of those books that I read and liked, but I was never fully drawn into the novel.  I give Dawn at Emberwilde 4 out of 5 stars.  Dawn at Emberwilde has a sweet ending (things happen quickly at the end of the book) that will make you smile (who doesn’t love a happy ending).  I will be reading more of Sarah E. Ladd’s books in the future.

The first book in A Treasures of Surrey series is The Curiosity Keeper.  I received a complimentary copy of Dawn at Emberwilde from NetGalley, BookLook Bloggers, and the author in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am off to enjoy my dinner and watch Gilmore Girls (I just love that show).  I am glad that they are bringing back Gilmore Girls (ten years later).  I hope everyone has had a wonderful and enjoyable day.  I am currently reading Sister Eve and the Blue Nun by Lynne Hinton (it is so-so).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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