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Gone with the Witch

Isn't this a beautiful cover?
Happy Brothers and Sisters Day!  It is a day to honor your siblings (if you have any). On May 2 . . . in 1536 Anne Boleyn is arrested and imprisoned in the Tower of London (because her husband, Henry VIII wishes to marry another woman).  Henry VIII charged her with witchcraft (an easy charge during that era), adultery, incest (accused of sleeping with her brother), and treason.  Good Housekeeping magazine goes on sale for the first time in 1885.  Jack Benny's radio show airs for the first time in 1932.  In 1969 the British liner Queen Elizabeth 2 departs on her maiden voyage to New York City.  In 1952 the world's first jet airliner (called De Havilland Comet 1) makes its maiden voyage from London to Johannesburg.  Tennessee Williams wins the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955 for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!

Gone with the Witch by Heather Blake is the sixth book in A Wishcraft Mystery series.  The Enchanted Village is getting ready for The Pawsitively Enchanted Pet Extravaganza.  The organizer (and creator) of the event, Ivy Teasdale has hired Darcy Merriweather (through her business As You Wish) to keep an eye on the event.  The last couple of years there have been some incidents and Ivy does not want anything to happen this year.  Darcy is to especially keep an eye on Natasha Norcliffe.  Natasha with her cat, Titania likes to win.  So that Darcy can snoop around, she has been entered into the competition with her dog, Missy in the Easy on the Eyes category.  During Missy’s judging, Natasha collapses and dies (there goes her prime suspect).  Ivy is not happy with Darcy’s work and fires her (do you think this will stop Darcy).  Ivy ends up changing her mind and rehires Darcy to find out what happened to Natasha.  Unfortunately, this leads Darcy to another victim.  Chip Goldman, Natasha’s friend (and sometimes boyfriend) is dead in his apartment.  Are the two murders connected?  Then pets from the extravaganza start disappearing.  Someone is stealing them (can you believe that someone tried to steal Archie).  What is going on?  Darcy is determined to get to the bottom of it.  Darcy is also dealing with fixing up of her new building (for her to live in and for As You Wish), her relationship with Nick (if she is ready for more), and trying to figure out the identity of the Elder.  Life is never dull in the Enchanted Village. 

Gone with the Witch was a delight!  I have enjoyed reading this series since the very first book.  It is like visiting old friends each time I read addition to this series.  I like Heather Blake’s unique take on witchcraft.  While Gone with the Witch can be read alone (the author does a great job of explaining things), you really should read the whole series (You can see Darcy’s journey from the very beginning).  Gone with the Witch is well-written and easy to read.  I was drawn right into the story from the very first page.  The book contains interesting and quirky characters that you want to get to know (I wish they were real).  The Enchanted Village is a unique town that everyone (at least me) would like to live in (or at least visit often).  Gone with the Witch has two mysteries, great characters, great setting, romance, and humor.  All these elements (plus more) make an enjoyable novel.  I give Gone with the Witch 5 out of 5 stars (which you know is very rare for me). The only thing I wish was that the two mysteries had been harder to solve (the petnapping and murders).   I am eagerly anticipating the next book in A Wishcraft Mystery series (which will be out in October). 

Gone with the Witch will be out on Tuesday (tomorrow), May 3.  The other books in A Wishcraft Mystery series are It Takes a Witch, A Witch Before Dying, The Good, the Bad, and the Witchy, The Goodbye Witch, and Some Like it Witchy.  All of them are enchanting!  I received a complimentary copy of Gone with the Witch from the author through the Cozy Mystery Review Crew in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am currently reading Against the Paw by Diane Kelly.  I have a question for those of you that own cats.  Do they ever jump on your back?  Isn't it annoying and painful?  Miss Penny (my long-haired calico) has started doing this when I am working at my desk.  She is sixteen years old and getting more ornery every year!  I am going to go eat dinner, watch television, and read (such exciting plans).  Have a delightful evening. Take care and Happy Reading!

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