Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just Plain Sadie

It is Book Release Day!  Some great books came out today.  The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher, Gone with the Witch by Heather Blake, Berry the Hatchet by Peg Cochran, Against the Paw by Diane Kelly, Hearse and Gardens by Kathleen Bridge, Murder at Lambswool Farm by Sally Goldenbaum, and Seams Like Murder by Betty Hechtman are just a few.   I am driving my mother nuts lately (it's a short trip--she would be the first to say it) because I keep turning the air conditioning down.  I am suffering from awful hot flashes (and night sweats). My mother, though, is cold and keep piling on blankets (and sweaters).  Now, the air conditioning is only set to 74 degrees when I turn it down (we normally keep it set at 75).  Of course, I also have on every fan in the house (I have three in my bedroom).  I really dislike being hot (I live in the wrong state)!

Just Plain Sadie by Amy Lillard is the fourth book in A Wells Landing Romance series.  Sadie Kauffman lives with her family in Wells Landing, Oklahoma.  Sadie has not had a date in years. Everyone believes that Sadie is dating her friend, Chris Flaud.  Sadie is tired of waiting (she is only twenty-two) and wants to get married (she decides to be practical).  She believes that Chris would make a good husband (since they are such good friends).  Chris, though, has other plans.  Chris has yet to join the Amish Church because he has plans to travel.  He wants to visit Europe.  Sadie is shocked.  Chris asks Sadie to wait for him (who knows if he will return).  Then Sadie meets Ezra Hein.  Ezra runs Hein Ranch that raises exotic animals (for meat).  Ezra is a Mennonite (not as strict as Amish).  Ezra and Sadie are attracted to each other, but Sadie’s family is not happy with her spending time with someone who is not Amish.  Then plans change for Chris.  Now Chris is ready to settle down with Sadie, but is Sadie still willing to settle now that she has experienced real love.  Join us in Wells Landing to see how things turn out for Sadie and check in on the Kauffman family.

Just Plain Sadie was not my favorite book in A Wells Landing Romance series.  It was a little slower pace and there was a lot of time devoted to Sadie thinking.  The same issue kept getting talked about throughout the book (over and over).  Mennonite versus Amish!  There is a little kissing in the book, but that is it (it is a Christian novel).  Just Plain Sadie is easy to read and enjoyable.  I just did not like it as much as the other book in this series.  I felt that not as much effort was put into this book.  There are some questions about God in the book that makes a person think (I liked this part).  Does He punish and can you bargain with God?  They are both good questions.  I give Just Plain Sadie 3.5 out of 5 stars (it was okay).  I just expected more.  I will definitely be reading Amy Lillard’s books in the future (this has not deterred me).  Everyone is entitled to an off book.

The other books in A Wells Landing Romance Series are Caroline's Secret, Courting Emily, and Lorie's Heart. I received a complimentary copy of Just Plain Sadie from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am off to stand in front of the freezer for a few minutes and then do housework.  I am currently reading The Final Tap by Amanda Flower (it is good).  Have a wonderful day!  Take care (stay cool) and Happy Reading!

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