Thursday, June 2, 2016

Better Get To Livin

Do you like rocky road ice cream?  Then today is your day. It is National Rocky Road Day (not officially).  It is also National Bubba Day.  This day honors anyone named Bubba (who would do this to a person).  It was a quiet day in our house today (I have a migraine) except for the creative cats.  They kept popping up in the strangest places (one came out from under the sink and startled me).  How they managed to sneak over I do not know (I have to keep the dogs and cats in separate areas). One keeps trying to insist that my pillows are her new bed (she is very wrong). Doozy does not tolerate any cats in my bedroom (he takes his muzzle and pushes them out of the room)!

Better Get To Livin is a new novel by Sally Kilpatrick.  Presley Ann Cline is an actress (not even a B actress) in Los Angeles.  She is hoping to get the part of a fairy godmother in a new movie titled Secret Lives of Fairy Godmothers.  The producer would guarantee her a role if she sleeps with him.  Presley Ann is unable to go through with it, but the paparazzi catch her leaving the gentleman’s place with her skirt in her underwear (not a good picture).  Her agent advises Presley Ann to leave town until the hoopla dies down.  Presley Ann only has one place to go with her limited funds (her last boyfriend cleaned her out and then disappeared) and that is home to Ellery, Tennessee.  It will also give Presley Ann a chance to get away from the depressing ghost in the corner of her apartment.  Did I mention that Presley Ann can see ghosts (and has the ability to help them cross over)?  Presley Ann shows up at her mother’s trailer home in Green Acres Estates Mobile Home Park.  It is a good thing that Presley Ann came home because her mother could use some assistance.  Presley Ann is given a job by the very reluctant Delilah of Holy Roller (I have a feeling there is a story there), the town’s beauty shop.  Her first assignment is to take care of a client at Anderson’s Funeral Home.  I think Presley Ann’s ability to see ghosts will come in handy!  Declan Anderson works at the funeral home with his stepmother, Caroline.  This is not Declan’s dream job, but he would not disappoint family.  When tornados strike the town and ruin trailer homes, Declan offers Presley Ann and her mother a place to stay (the funeral home used to be a real home).  Presley Ann is less than excited after she discovers the overabundance of ghosts residing above stairs.  But she cannot turn down a place to stay (for her or her mother).  Then Declan’s Uncle Hollis comes back to the funeral home (people do not understand him and his boisterous ways).  Turns out that Uncle Hollis and Presley Ann have a lot in common.  Life is never dull in Ellery, Tennessee.  Will Presley Ann decide to stay or head back to her life in Hollywood?  You will have to read Better Get To Livin to find out.

Better Get To Livin was not as good as it sounds (it does not live up to its potential).   Presley Ann is a twenty-five years old virgin.  Presley Ann is afraid to have sex and this seems to dominate the book (because her mother warned her about the cow giving the milk away for free).  The pace of the novel is extremely sluggish.  My favorite part of the book was the Gilmore Girls reference (such a cute show).  The story is told (in the first person) from Declan and Presley Ann’s point-of-views (it goes back and forth).  This makes it a wee bit confusing at times when it switches.  There is mild foul language and sexual references in the book (not explicit but fair warning).  There was not enough about the ghosts.  I think it would have made for a better story if the ghosts had been integrated more.  My favorite character was Uncle Hollis.  He was interesting and fun.  There is more that goes on in the story.  I just told you some of the activity that takes place (it is too much for one book). I give Better Get To Livin 2.75 out of 5 stars.  It was okay, but not great. With a little tweaking, it could have been a very good story.

You can follow Sally Kilpatrick on Facebook.  The Happy Hour Choir is another book by this author.  I received a complimentary copy of Better Get To Livin from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am currently reading Stitches in Time by Terri Dulong.  I am off to finish up the laundry (I lead such an exciting life) and cook my dinner (love the grill).  I hope all of you have had a wonderful and fulfilling day (you deserve it).  Take care and Happy Reading!

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