Friday, June 24, 2016

The Lady Who Saw Too Much

It's Friday!  If you enjoy Amish fiction novels The Courtship Basket by Amy Clipston and Sweet as Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand will be out on Tuesday, June 28.  A couple of other books coming out on Tuesday are Engaged in Death by Stephanie Blackmoore, Caught Bread Handed by Ellie Alexander, Cracked to Death by Cheryl Hollon, and Something's Knot Kosher by Mary Marks.   I will be reviewing all of these novels on my blog soon!
The Lady Who Saw Too Much by Thomasine Rappold was the second book in the Soul Survivor series. Gianna “Gia” York has to leave her position at the Troy Female Academy (she should not have told the headmistress the truth).  Thankfully, Gia is offered the position as companion to Miss Alice Elmsworth.  Alice is twenty years old and painfully shy.  Alice hates going out in public to parties, dances, and dinners.  When Gia is handed Landen J. Elmsworth card, she immediately gets a vision of his death.  Gia is determined to never let another person die if she can help it (because her parents refused to let her pursue a vision or warn the family and Prudence Alber died).  Gia and Landen are immediately attracted to each other.  Landen tries to steer clear of Gia, because he does not wish to commit (because of an incident with a woman).  One night Gia is trying to find something personal of Landen’s to get a vision and is in his bedroom.  Landen returns early and the two end up kissing (she is in her nightclothes and he a blanket).  They are caught in this comprising position by Landen’s Aunt Clara.  Aunt Clara is going to send Gia away until Gia mentions that she should stay around at least a month—just in case (Gia is determined to save Landen’s life).  Aunt Clara insists that the two of them marry.  Landen feels that Gia had this goal in mind all along and is furious.  Can Gia save Landen’s life?  Would he believe her if she told him about her visions?  Is there any hope for their marriage with such a difficult beginning?  Join us in Misty Lake for the summer to see if Gia succeeds in saving Landen and getting Alice out of her shell.

The Lady Who Saw Too Much was acceptable, but it could have been so much more.  I thought too much of the book is devoted to the attraction between Gia and Landen.  I wanted more of the paranormal elements.  I ended up skimming through the many pages that describe how handsome he is, her lovely lips, the curve of her neck, the kissing, intimate bedroom scenes, and more.  It just went on and on (I ended up skimming through these pages).  The last half of the book was significantly better.  The story starts to progress (finally) into the mystery (who was going to kill Landen) and how Gia can save him.  I give The Lady Who Saw Too Much 3 out of 5 (which means it was okay/satisfactory).  I just felt that the writer could have made this a great novel (it had so much potential).  Instead we get an expected historical, romance novel.  While this is the second book in the series, it can be read alone.  If you have not read the first book, it will not hinder your reading The Lady Who Saw Too Much (the first book or the characters are not mentioned in this novel). 

The first book in the The Sole Survivor series is The Lady Who Lived Again. I received a complimentary copy of The Lady Who Saw Too Much from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the book.

I am off to mold some white chocolate (my current sweet craving) before collapsing on my bed.  My pain is a little worse today than normal (with fibromyalgia you have good days and bad days). May all of you have a delightful evening!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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