Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dear Thing

Happy World Environment Day!  This day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.  It is a day to focus on important environmental issues and promote awareness among the public.  It is raining in our area today.  This is the perfect weather to stay inside and read!  I have also been enjoying the UnReal marathon (getting ready for the new season that starts tomorrow).

Dear Thing by Julie Cohen is a very predictable novel.  Claire and Ben have been trying to have a child, but they have been unsuccessful (Claire’s fault).  Romily met Ben in college, and they are the best of friends (for the last eleven years).  What Ben does not know is that Romily is in love with him (by the time she worked up the nerve to ask him out, he was dating Claire). Romily has appreciated Ben and Claire’s help over the years.  Romily got pregnant and they have helped her raise her daughter, Posie (short for Mariposa).   Ben and Romily are enjoying their pub night (quiz night at the pub) when Ben tells Romily that they are giving up on trying to have a child of their own.  So Romily suggests that she be the surrogate (you just know this is not going to end well).  Ben is excited.  The next day Romily is sorry she suggested it and hopes that Ben was too drunk to remember.  Ben remembers.  Claire reluctantly agrees to the scheme.  Things proceed quickly thanks to Ben.  Romily easily becomes pregnant, and Ben is very excited.  Claire handles things by buying books, vitamins, and arranging for organic food to be delivered to Romily.  But what happens when Claire finds out that Romily is in love with Ben?  Then Posie’s birth father returns to London (he did not know that Romily went through with the pregnancy).  Will Romily be able to give up the baby after its born?  You will have to read Dear Thing to find out what happens.

Dear Thing was okay.  Dear Thing plods on to its expected conclusion.  I kept hoping for an alternative ending.  I could have told you how the book would play out after I got through the first chapter or so (I kept hoping I would be wrong.  Too much of the book was devoted to Romily’s thinking and Claire’s worries (which were numerous).  I ended up skimming through these sections.  My favorite character was Posie.  She was a precocious young lady.  I give Dear Thing (which is what Romily called the baby in her diary) 3 out of 5 stars.  If you are looking for a light read (for an escape), then you should check out Dear Thing.

You can check out Julie Cohen's other novels on her author page on Amazon.  I received a complimentary copy of Dear Thing from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel. 

I am going to go work on the mountain of laundry that has piled up. When my mother (well, technically, when I change her bed) changes her bed, I have five loads of laundry (no, I am not exaggerating).  I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Sunday.  Make sure to take some time for yourself today before the work week begins.  I am currently reading Premonition of Murder by Mary Kennedy.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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