Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Liar Liar

It's another hot day in Florida.  We have a high of 103 degrees in my area!  I am glad that it will only be in the high 80's the rest of the week. What did they do before air conditioning (set around half naked with our feet in a wading pool of cool water while eating ice cream)?  If you enjoy cozy mysteries, Title Wave by Lorna Barrett came out today.  It is the tenth A Booktown Mystery. If you like to read Amish novels, The Saddlemaker's Son by Kelly Irvin is now out.  I will be posting reviews on both novels soon (as soon as I finish writing them)!

Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge is the fourth book in A Helen Grace Thriller series.  Detective Inspector Helen Grace has a new boss.  His name is Detective Superintendent Jonathan Gardam.  He is more of a hands on boss.  Helen is still trying to figure him out. Helen just finished a tough case when three fires break out in one night.  Two are businesses but one is a Victorian home.  The fire was set at night while the family was asleep.  The eldest son, Luke jumped out of the attic window (the only way he could escape) and suffered severe injuries.  Thomas Simms was just arriving home from a business trip and discovered his house in flames.  The wife and daughter are still inside.  The fireman found them in the shower in the bathroom with the water running (to get oxygen).  Who set three fires in one night?  Helen Grace and her team are on the case to find the arsonist.  Deborah Parks is the arson investigator assigned the case.  Deborah discovers that all the fires were set the same way.  Then there are three more fires.  Again, only one was a home.  Can Helen Grace and her team find the culprit before there are more victims?  Is there any connection between the victims?  The team needs to work quickly and Detective Superintendent Gardam is breathing down their necks (he is keeping a close eye on the investigation and Helen).  The tension is getting to Helen, and she makes a mistake that could affect her professional life (she tries to keep her personal and professional lives separate).  It is going to be a bleak Christmas unless they catch this firebug!

Liar Liar is well-written and easy to read.  It has a fast pace that makes it hard to put down.  There are some great, unexpected twists in the book (loved them).  In order to understand everything about Helen Grace, you really need to read the other books in the series.  Each book is based upon the previous novel.  Helen is a unique character.  Helen is a strong woman, but she is also weak.  I liked how we got to know more about DC Charlie Brooks in this book.  We got a look at her personal life.  How Charlie has to juggle her family (husband and baby daughter) and her work (with its unpredictable hours).  I give Liar Liar 5 out of 5 stars.  I love M.J. Arlidge’s complex characters and crimes as well as the setting in Southampton, England.  I cannot wait for the next book in A Helen Grace Thriller series.

The first three books in the series are Eeny Meeny, Pop Goes the Weasel, and The Doll's House.  The next book in the series is Little Boy Blue and it will be out in October.  I received a complimentary copy of Liar Liar from NetGalley in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

I am currently reading Shadowed by Karen E. Olson (pretty good so far). I am off to make dinner and finish off a few other chores.  Thank all of you for visiting and reading my latest review.  I hope you have had a wonderful day and your evening is even better.  Take care, keep cool, and Happy Reading!

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