Sunday, November 13, 2016

Blood Lines: A D.I. Kim Stone Crime Thriller

Happy Sunday!  I have been enjoying a lazy day watching Christmas movies (I'm a Christmas movie junkie).  Love Always, Santa is such a sweet movie (on Hallmark).  My daughter showed me how to use a French Press today.  She just loves coffee (she did not get this from me). Of course, this is the same girl that likes vegetables (if she did not look like me I would wonder if she was my child).

Blood Lines by Angela Marsons is the fifth book in the D.I. Kim Stone Crime Thriller series.  Detective Inspector Kim Stone and her team are called out to a crime scene.  A young woman is in a car with one stab wound.  There were no hesitation marks.  Then a second victim turns up with the exact same wound.  The team cannot find a connection between the two victims except for how they were killed.  Kim is having trouble focusing on the case because her old nemesis has contacted her.  Dr. Alexandra Thorne is in prison, but she continues to find ways to taunt Kim.  Kim tries to ignore Alex, but then she involves Kim’s mother.  Alex has an agenda.  There are only two people keeping Alex in jail and Kim is one of them.   Will Kim and her team be able to figure out the killer’s agenda and stop the killer before he (or she) strikes again?  Will Alex’s plan come to fruition?  Kim will have her work cut out for her to stay one step ahead of these two killers. 

Blood Lines is an engrossing novel.  You will not be able to put it down.  Blood Lines is not a stand-alone book.  You do need to read the first four book in the Kim Stone series or you will be lost (the books build upon each other).  I had to be careful with my summary so I did not give anything away (do not want to spoil it for you). I give Blood Lines 5 out of 5 stars (I loved it).  Blood Lines is well-written and has a captivating (and complex) main character.  I look forward to each new book in the series so I can find out a little more about Kim Stone. This novel has some great twists and turns.  BloodLines is one of those novels that will have you staying up late until you finish the last page.  I cannot wait for the next Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller.  The other novels in the series are Silent Scream, Evil Games, Lost Girls, and Play Dead.

May all of you have a nice, relaxing Sunday evening.  I am going to go enjoy my dinner and start A Killer Location by Sarah T. Hobart.  I will return tomorrow to review another book.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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