Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Devoted

Greetings!  I sincerely hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday. Did you remember to set your clocks back today?  We may gain an extra hour, but it gets dark so early (before 6 p.m.).  I would rather have more sunshine!  If you need a thriller to read tonight (since it's dark), try Blood Lines by Angela Marsons.

The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the third book in The Bishop’s Family series.  Ruthie Stoltzfus is seventeen years old and living in Stoney Ridge, Pennsylvania.  Ruthie knows she wants something more.  She even took the GED without anyone knowing.  She is inspired by her aunt, Dr. Ruth Stoltzfus.  Ruthie just needs to figure out exactly what she wants.  Patrick Kelly has come from Canada and is determined to become Amish.  He wants to totally immerse himself in the culture and has given himself thirty days to learn everything he needs to know to become a good Amish person. He has hired Ruthie to teach him Penn Dutch.  Ruthie enjoys spending time with Patrick.  He is different from Luke Schrock, her ex-boyfriend.  Luke does not like seeing Ruthie with someone else.  But Luke is not ready to settle down.  He has too much fun drinking and getting into trouble (which is why he is an ex-boyfriend).  Dr. Ruth is having some problems of her own.  Thanks to her boyfriend, Ed Gingerich she is now out of job.  Dr. Ruth now has the chance to take over Dr. Max Finegold’s practice in Stoney Ridge.  Dr. Ruth ran away from this town when she was younger.  Is she ready to come back?  Will the Amish community accept Dr. Ruth as their new doctor?  Life is never dull for the citizens of Stoney Ridge. 

The Devoted was an enjoyable book to read.  It is a heartwarming novel with enjoyable characters, nice setting, and good messages.  The Devoted cannot be read alone.  In order to understand the characters and their dynamics, you need to read the other novels in the series (otherwise, you will be confused).  The novel is well-written and has a sweet ending.  The Devoted deals with alcolhism, teenage growing pains, illness, love, faith and much more.  Scripture verses are sprinkled throughout the novel to help reinforce the messages (sometimes it is a little preachy).    I give The Devoted 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it).  If you enjoy Amish novels, I recommend The Bishop’s Family series.  I look forward to reading more books by Suzanne Woods Fisher in the future. The other novels in The Bishop's Family series are The Imposter and The Quieting.

Thank you for visiting!  I would appreciate it if you would sign up for my blog (at right).  I am off to relax for the evening.  I spent part of my day cleaning the cat's rooms (they are slobs).  Once Upon a Time and Masters of Sex are on tonight. There is also another new Hallmark Christmas movie.  I am currently reading Rhythm and Clues by Sue Ann Jaffarian.  May all of you have a delightful and fulfilling night.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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