Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Unraveling the Pieces

Welcome!  Unraveling the Pieces by Terri DuLong and A Killer Location by Sarah T. Hobart came out today.  Plaid and Plagiarism by Molly MacRae comes out on December 6.  It is the first book in The Highland Bookshop Mystery series.  I am looking forward to reading it.  I am a fan of Molly MacRae's books.

Unraveling the Pieces by Terri DuLong is the third book in the An Ormond Beach Novel series.  Petra Garfield and her dog, Lotte are moving from Jacksonville, Florida to Ormond Beach to be close to her friend, Isabelle as well as her newfound friends at the Dreamcatcher.  Petra will be staying at Koi House (now that Isabelle has married and moved out).  Petra loves animals and is encouraged to volunteer her time at the local animal shelter run by Suzanne Palmer.  Petra is volunteering at an adoption event and meets Jonah.  Jonah is attracted to two cute little dogs that need a new home.  Jonah’s father does not appreciate Petra encouraging his son (nor the mention of checking with his mother).  The little boy tugged at Petra’s heart, and he lingers in her thoughts.  Petra takes her dog, Lotte to the recommended local vet and discovers it is Jonah’s father, Ben Wellington.  It is just the beginning for Petra, Ben and Jonah.  Petra lost her mother three years prior, but she had never told Petra about her birth father.  The only clue Petra has is a photo with the name Peter Maxwell written on the back.  Petra is intent upon getting answers that her mother, Rhonda did not provide.  Come back for another trip to Ormond Beach in Unraveling the Pieces.

Unraveling the Pieces is well-written, contains interesting, well-rounded characters, has a good pace and a sweet ending.  I did, though, feel it was predictable.  I did like how it went back in time to 1969 to tell the story of Petra’s mother and her birth father.  Emmalyn, the spirit who visits the residents of Koi House in their dreams, is back, but I did not feel she was very helpful.  Her dream “clues” were obscure and did not add to the story.  I give Unraveling the Pieces 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it even if it was predictable or expected).  While this is the third book in the series, it can be read alone.  It was interesting to see how Petra followed the clues to get answers or unravel the pieces.  Unraveling the Pieces is a nice escape and a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon (curl up in a cozy chair, blanket, and hot tea during the cold weather).  Patterns of Change and Stitches in Time are the first two books in An Ormond Beach Novel series.   For more information on Terri DuLong or her books, check out her website.

I sincerely hope all of you have a great evening.  I am still sick and looking forward to collapsing back in back.  I will be reviewing A Killer Location by Sarah T. Hobart tomorrow, and I hope you will return to see what I thought about this new cozy mystery.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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