Monday, November 28, 2016


Good Morning!   I am sharing a very different book with you today. Did you know that Vannetta Chapman writes a dystopian series?  I have read her Christian/Amish novels, but I did not discover The Remnant series until the other day.  

Overshadowed by Vannetta Chapman is the prequel to The Remnant series.  Gabe Thompson is at the barber in San Antonio, Texas when he gets the message.  Operation Nightshade has begun, and he has one hour to get his belongings and get to the base.  He quickly leaves heads home to his apartment.  He gathers up his cat, Oliver and knocks on his neighbors.  Lenora Diaz has watched Oliver for him before and knows the drill.  Gabe wants to warn her, but he knows that he cannot say anything.  He can give her a little hint though.  Gabe gets to Lackland Air Force Base for the briefing.  He has been preparing for this mission for two years.  Lenora waits an hour and then checks Gabe’s apartment.  When she sees the provisions, Gabe has stockpiled, Lenora knows something big is about to happen.  Things are about to change.

Overshadowed is not a book that I would normally read.  I have never read a dystopian novel.  The blurb on this book reminded me of a television show (Revolution) that I enjoyed (and was upset it when it was canceled).  So, I thought I would give Overshadowed a try (plus it was free on Amazon).  I was pulled right in to this story and when it ended I wanted more.  The novel is well-written and intriguing.  Vannetta Chapman draws the reader into the story with the plot and characters.  I give Overshadowed 5 out of 5 stars.  I will definitely be reading the rest of The Remnant series.  Be forewarned that the story will make you want to go shopping to stockpile provisions! The other books in The Remnant series are Deep Shadows and Raging Storm.

I will return later with another great review (at least in my humble opinion).  I am off to get the Christmas totes out of the attic (I am way behind in my decorating).  May all of you have a happy Monday.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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