Friday, November 11, 2016

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha

I hope all of you have had a good day.  It is a little scary what is happening in the country since the election.  I was wondering if you had heard about the safety pin movement.  People around the country are wearing safety pins as a show of solidarity and it shows that you are a safe person (read the article).  Selfies are being posted on Instagram, and it is trending on Twitter.  You can read about it here.  This is just one article on the subject.  You can do a search online to find other articles on the subject.

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha by JoAnna Carl is the sixteenth book in the Chocoholic Mysteries.  Lee McKinney Woodyard is the manager of TenHuis Chocolate Shop in Warner Pier, Michigan and is busy with Easter orders.  But she has a problem with employee, Bunny Birdsong.  Bunny has not been able to get the hang of making chocolates (she is very accident prone—reminds me of myself).  It is Lee’s job to let her go.  When Lee discovers that Bunny has computer skills (excellent ones), she gives her a new job handling their web site.  Bunny needs a job because she is separated from her husband, Beau.  Beau found a new, younger model and threw Bunny out of the house (he’s a real gem).  Then Beau’s Aunt Abigail comes to town.  Abigail is a very formidable woman (does not take no for an answer).  She is determined to get Beau and Bunny back together.  It all comes to a head in TenHuis with a fight in the chocolate shop between Abigail, Beau, Anya Hartley (the new girlfriend), and Anya’s brother, Andrew.  Abigail states that she is changing her will and leaving her money to Bunny (instead of Beau).  The next day when Lee goes to check out the construction of their new addition to TenHuis, she finds Abigail—dead!  There is no lack of suspects in Abigail’s death.  Can Lee track down the killer?  Join Lee on her latest escapade in The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha.

The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha is easy to read and can be read alone.  The author provides the reader with the needed information (the main character’s background and details about the TenHuis) to read and enjoy the novel.  The killer was apparent which was extremely disappointing (I like a challenging mystery).  I could puzzle out who would die and the identity of the killer as soon as the fight erupted in TenHuis.  I found the townspeople to be gossipy busy bodies for the most part.  I give The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha 3 out of 5 stars (it was okay).  This is the second book in the Chocoholic Mysteries that I have read.  I read the first book years ago (still have it) and have not read one since.  I thought I would give the series another opportunity.  I am sticking with my original opinion.  The series is cute, but I prefer more complicated whodunit in my cozy mysteries.

I sincerely hope all of you have a lovely night.  Make sure to take time out for yourself.  We all need time to decompress and relax.  I am currently reading The Gingerbread Girl by Sheila Newberry.  I will be reviewing The Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell tomorrow. Take care and Happy Reading!

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