Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Christmas Club by Barbara Hinske

Welcome!  It is book release day (see my Halloween posting for a list of books) and All Saint's Day.  I love getting new books (yes, I am a book nerd and proud of it).  On November 4 the latest D.I. Kim Stone novel will be released.  It is called Blood Lines.  Each Angela Marsons' novel is better than the last.  If you enjoy thrillers, please take a moment to check out this series.

The Christmas Club is the latest story by Barbara Hinske.  It is 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Verna Lind, a baker, has all of her Christmas Club money in her purse ($30).  As she is departing the bank, she slips on some ice, her purse drops, falls open, and her money is caught up in the wind.  Edward Fuller and Carol Clark stop to help Verna.  The $30 is what Verna has managed to save up during the year to buy present for her family and friends.  Carol assists Verna into the bank while Edward checks out the money situation.  The money is has been blown away, but Edward and Carol replace it from their own funds for Verna.  But that $30 in six $5 bills can make a difference to six lives.  You need to read The Christmas Club to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas Club is superbly written.  It is an engaging novel with great characters.  It was amazing how she took the separate characters along with their situations and intertwined them.  It is a sweet, delightful Christmas novel that will have you looking at Christmas in a different way (a very good way).  I give The Christmas Club 5 out of 5 stars (can you tell I loved it).  The Christmas Club is a short story with a big impact. The Christmas Club is available on Kindle Unlimited (great program on Amazon).  Barbara Hinske also writes the Rosemont series.  There are currently four books in the series and they are also available on Kindle Unlimited (Amazon). 

Thank you for visiting.  I am off to eat dinner and then finish a few chores. I will be back tomorrow with my review of Pocketbooks and Pistols by Dorothy Howell.  May all of you have a very special evening. Take care and Happy Reading!

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